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    Episode 291 - The Beauty of the Shakespeare

    I grew up watching wrestling because my dad did. He eventually had a talk with me similar to the Santa Claus talk, explaining that it wasn't real, "You see when he punches the guy in the face how he also stomps on the ring and makes a loud noise?" etc. Being an overly logical 7 or 8 year old, I wasn't too interest in it after that. My favorite was Dusty Rhodes, though, without a doubt. Little did I know I'd grow up to resemble him more than any other wrestler, I guess that's why I loved him. Since the 'old guard' has stopped wrestling I haven't really followed it at all, but I remember over 10 years ago when the game show The Weakest Link was a thing, and they had on Stone Cold, (I think) The Rock, and a bunch of other current wrestlers and I almost turned it off because I didn't want to hear the big dumb jocks talk. I ended up watching it and was amazed by how FUNNY these people were! Then through being addicted to all of Kevin Smith's podcasts I heard about Mick Foley (who was also on the game show) and all his incredible work with RAINN and everything else he did/does. Then I started hearing wrestlers on your show, and every one I hear just amazes me at the genuine good these people are doing for humanity, and how talented, funny, intelligent, etc, etc they are. Every time you guys have someone on from that world it's a great episode. I had no childhood connection at all with Roddy Piper, but when I saw the headlines the morning he died it hurt like it was someone I'd been a fan of for life just because of hearing his episode. Hopefully there's many more wrestling weeks to come. Keep up the good work.
  2. JasonStrigle


    That truly is the 2nd worse "Holiday" song ever, next to "Simply having a wonderful Christmastime". So Whoopdie-doo, and Hickory Dock, you probably should get off Dan's Jock! (The only redeeming factor of it is how easy it was to make cock-based new versions of it while living through retail hell)
  3. JasonStrigle

    EPISODE 275 — Wikifeet High and Rising

    Crap, I totally forgot to pay attention to her shoes/feet at her show last night. She did mention that she Googles "bunion surgery" though.
  4. JasonStrigle

    EPISODE 275 — Wikifeet High and Rising

    One of your best episodes in a while...laughed so much I was inspired to get a couple tickets to see Nikki Thursday night.
  5. JasonStrigle


    I'm filing suit against some Brothers (Sklar) for putting that song in my head. As a 40 year old man who is NOT connected to popular culture in any manner, I'd managed to avoid actually hearing it - I've seen it referenced on social media 900 times - and then listening to my beloved podcast, and BLAM! There it is.
  6. JasonStrigle

    EPISODE 272 — The Greatest Mascot Story Ever Told

    Hey Sklarburritos, I actually DID go see Colin Hay, completely based off of hearing him on your show. I was going to tweet it at you after the show but never got around to it. My wife is a huge Violent Femmes fan, and they hadn't toured in the US in FOREVER, so she randomly checked their site, and told me they were going to be at a casino about an hour from here with The Barenaked Ladies and "Colin Hays?" I went back and forth on the high ticket price and getting a sitter and all that, but decided to go for it because I wanted to see Colin Hay because I enjoyed the stuff he did on your show. He told a couple stories, performed "Overkill", which is now a song I can't stop listening to, and some newer stuff, and then came out during BNL's set and did "Who Can it be Now" with them and the horn player from the Femmes. Very good show all in all. I didn't get to "meet" him or anything because the tiny lobby area where he was signing albums was packed with people in the restroom line. I think when he was on your show he had just put out his 70th solo album, and he's done about 37 more since then, but I'm slowly trying to fill in some of his catalouge into my collection. Everything you play of his that I haven't heard I immediately recognize it's him, and immediately like it.
  7. JasonStrigle


    Me, to my dad: Why are they booing him? He's a Braves player? My Dad: They're not booing, they're saying "Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce"
  8. JasonStrigle

    Episode 221.5 — Sklarbro County 126

    Just downloaded The Crabfeasts with Dan, the Sklars, and Emily V Gordon to listen to at work tonight. I rewound like 5 times but I couldn't make out what movie was mentioned as the top-secret script that Bruce sent out with so much pomp & circumstance. I realize that by the rest of the discussion, clues about African-American actresses, etc, that any moderate movie buff should be able to easily guess it, but sometimes my brain doesn't work, and I don't really see a ton of movies. Anyone wanna help me out?
  9. JasonStrigle

    Episode 189 — Japanese Spike Lee

    I'm not even finished with the entire episode and it's already one of my favorites. I'm a lifelong FSU fan whose shift at work starts at 9:30 PM (Central). The week prior to the game I told my boss I was NOT coming in until after the game, she could write me up, whatever, but I wasn't coming in - she was pissed at me, "You're going to be late for a FOOTBALL GAME?" Once it hit 21-3, I basically said all the words that Dan Bakkedahl did, then turned off the TV, fired the remote across the room, and went to work (on time). At our first break I realized the game was still on, and went over to the TV to see how much of a blowout it was and got to see the final scoring drive for the victory. I, too felt like burning all my Seminoles stuff, because I decided I didn't deserve to enjoy the title since I gave up on the game.
  10. JasonStrigle

    Episode 171.5 — Sklarbro County 76

    This is easily the best County to date. I laughed so hard for so long at work listening to it, I ended up almost hacking up a lung and I think I gave myself the flu. I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead, and Mr. Manson was infamously high on something on the episode of Talking Dead 2 Sundays ago, and was an incoherent rambling mess to the point that I couldn't even watch the episode. The story the guys from Kentucky shared was so much sweeter after my recent frustration and anger with him. The news stories were insanely funny as well. I'm gonna send the link to the show to a few of my friends who were also pissed at Marilyn to get them to listen to the story - maybe hook a couple more people on the pod.
  11. JasonStrigle

    Episode 159.5 — Sklarbro County 64

    The Quality Inn mentioned is about 2 miles down the road from the TGI Fridays of Foot Locker Food Fight fame. My town is magical.
  12. JasonStrigle

    Episode 151.5 — Sklarbro County 56

    I was born in Ocala, FL, lived there 20+ years, and have no doubt been in that Wal-Mart numerous times, so that story cracked me up. I would have to say that a resident having that on their bucket list seems pretty appropriate - myself, I never got that ambitious while living there, but it WAS called "SLOWcala"