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    Robocop 2 (1990)

    Ok, I'm watching this right now and this would be a great HDTGM. It has a substantial and crazy plot (OCP wants to privatize Detroit... why?) Bizzarre shifts in tone (comical satirical commercials segue right into robocop stalking his widowed wife) Crazy scenes (the lawlessness vignette in the very beginning, other robocops that kill themselves, little league teams robbing stores) Themes for June - what is self? Are you still human if you can be reprogrammed? Huge logical flaws (why would you turn a crazed psychopath cult leader drug lord into a giant killer death robot????) A disturbed 12 year old who murders and takes over a drug gang (that really upset siskel and ebert btw) Plus its a sequel to a beloved movie with a remake coming out
  2. jotajota31

    Maximum Overdrive

    This would be a perfect How did this get made movie for the following reasons: It is funny-bad. There are lots of great scenes that are humorous for how bad they are. Example - a sentient soda machine wipes out an entire little league team during their after game celebration It was released in theaters (its not direct to dvd/netflix) It has a semi-famous C-list actor Emilio Estevez It is Stephen Kings only directorial credit and it is based on his own short story Stephen King has admitted to being coked out of his mind when making this The creepy Ice Cream truck that lures kids to their death The entire sound track was done by AC/DC The entire movie is on youtube Please please consider this movie