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    HDTGM All-Stars

    Inspiring the meme 'Lonely Virgil' seen here at lonelyvirgil.net *the Million Dollar Man has showed up at our church once. I guess he's something of an evangelist inspirational-speaker guy. He was a very nice man btw.
  2. btw: I realized I sounded like an a-hole 'throwing in requests' like I'm not a fanboy who's just thankful I'm getting free podcasts you guys work hard on. I really am thankful (and often in awe) at what you guys do for us (again for free!).
  3. My mind must be blending together Fogelnest Files and HDTGM episodes (my 2 faves along with 2Charted) but I guess I can still hope for JDR as a sit-in 1-on-1 guest. My other request might be Adam Carolla. When he isn't ranting or complaining he actually has a spooky keen memory of crazy and obscure television, commercials, toys etc from the 1970s and 80s sort of era. Also, just show him some Huell Howser 'California Gold' clips and Carolla is in his glory. *this reminds me to throw Dana Gould in there too. He also seems to have keen memory of old classic TV and pop culture references.
  4. Thank God Bob Odenkirk is finally getting some kind of respect and I sincerely hope some kind of big mainstream money as well. Nobody deserves it more than he does. Rumor is that 'Better Call Saul' is the Breaking Bad 'Spin-off': http://www.bettercallsaul.com/
  5. Andy Kindler (possibly versus the squirrel) but Kindler.. is there some way to have him as a kind of regular monthly round-up guest kinda co-host. Nobody can find the clips that infuriate Kindler like Jake can. And there is never enough Fred Stoller. My request for a new guest would be the great June Diane Raphael.
  6. ADoer

    Episode 72.5 — Minisode 72.5

    Nobody will hold you responsible for an act of self-defense.
  7. I don't know if enough of the young comics today fully appreciate (or do they even know) just how much of a game-changer 'Fernwood Tonight' really was? It doesn't seem that way now when nearly everyone automatically grasps that it's a 'fake' or 'mock talkshow' but they were doing that when quite frankly the average person wasnt accustomed to such things. Anyway, just huge massive props to Fernwood because that was way ahead of its time.
  8. ADoer

    Episode 72.5 — Minisode 72.5

    I read this on the internet (so it must be true) but it said that Ernie Black Ghost Buster Hudson actually auditioned to be the voice actor of his own character in the 'Cartoon Ghostbusters' and didn't get the role. It went to Arsenio Hall instead. Wow.. wow.. this movie didn't just end Hudson's big chance at leading roles in big films but somehow demoted him to 'not getting black ghostbuster roles'. No Justice No Peace Hollywood!
  9. ADoer

    Episode 72.5 — Minisode 72.5

    Oh what a great choice! This movie really was the first personal 'How did this get made?' movie experience in my life. I mean.. where I was sincerely annoyed with that very question long after viewing it. Anyone old enough to remember when this was a VHS rental you 'reserved' a week in advance and then you and all your roommates and probably friends came over? It was a big deal. And this was one everyone insisted was pretty awesome! And I just... could not... comprehend how.. I mean it made me angry! I'm not going to rewatch it. I can still remember being constantly annoyed at baffling choices, convoluted logic, holes and gaps and corny moments and I want the HDTGM peeps to take me through it again! *What might have annoyed me above all this - I think I believed Ernie 'The Black Ghostbuster' Hudson was finally going to get his due. Then realizing this movie set him back to .. well just being 'the black ghostbuster' for probably the rest of his never recoverable celebrity career
  10. ADoer

    Paul Scheer sells comedy to ABC

    If anyone deserves success its these guys. JDR is amazing and if she doesn't get a big break (or a medium one) then I dont know what the hell is going on anymore. Well.. I guess 'Big Bang Theory' is still a mega-smash hit with monster ratings. We would still have that going for us. Punching myself in the head now thanks bye.
  11. ADoer

    Episode 72 — Toys

    Bang-on. Your post triggered all the memories. The years was probably 1980 and my parents and friends came home from an office party where, using this new corporate 'BetaMax' i think they had seen a video of a 1978 'Off The Wall' stand-up special featuring Robin Williams coked out of his mind. For some culturally specific reasons our parents could not stop fucking talking about ......."this guy.. this guy.. whats his name. .not the Threes Company guy but .. ya Robin Williams OH MY GADDD... this guy.. give him a cup and he goes off on it... he literally climbs the stage.. you can say anything and he can make it funny!! Its like he just makes it up as he goes along!!.. and the ENERGY!"
  12. ADoer

    Episode 72 — Toys

    I loved this episode and like Paul said - its actually a perfect movie for the core concept of HDTGM? It's not just 'bad' but should have been caught out, it should have the cash and acting power to work, and, it really had the writers who 'could' have fixed it. But baffling the world - the stupid thing was somehow made and released as it was? The guys really did sum up everything i remembered. A somewhat cool surreal 'world' was uhh.. well made and presented yes. Then.. seemed to have no good explanation. Then seemed to be improv'ed by actors on their day off (from some other full-time projects) And great advice from the guest - whenever you hear a movie is the 'dream project' of a successful director or producer or writer ......... red flag. red flag! someone DID let them have a lot of cash and nobody to call them out as they dicked and whimsied around in their world of imagination.
  13. ADoer

    Episode 146 — Keep It Clean

    A place where I can spot Fred Stoller on a daily basis sounds like the happiest damn place on Earth to me!
  14. ADoer

    Episode 146 — Keep It Clean

    I believe these 'EDM' things must be relatively easy because I KNOW I have no idea how to write music and doubt I know exactly what a 'chord' or 'octave' is supposed to be, yet, I had this Music Maker Pro and 'Fruity Loops' and some other DAW. To be honest I just dicked around for enough hours to figure out how to use the software. Around hour 10 I figured out how to layer beats, bongos, add some synthesizer and then a recording of myself 'rapping' Bob Odenkirk lines. Put it on Facebook for stupid laughs. Numerous people wanted to know where I got the song and were somehow impressed and treated it as a genuine single of some real importance. And sorry I have no idea what happened to the song - lucky for you guys. JDR is way to sexy in her guest photo.
  15. ADoer

    Episode 71.5 — Minisode 71.5

    This should be interesting. I just remember this having a sort of ... Willy Wonka/Beatlesesque retro-arty sorta look and feel (and i think it was done well?) and of course Williams is the zany madcap toy inventor? So what seems to be the unique thing is that it might have been the first movies to introduce Rappers into costarring roles? I remember I did not like that. As a general rule I find almost every rapper sucks at acting. Possible exception being Snoop Dog or someone else I don't care about. I remember I never did really know or care about what the movie was meant to be about or had any desire to think of it again. Until now!
  16. ADoer

    Favorite Character Name

    HDTGM fave: Stallone as 'Lincoln Hawke(s)' I want to punch something when I think of John Travolta and/or Nick Cage as 'Castor Troy' Something bothers me about what I assumed was a Hollywood writer inventing the name 'Cole Trickle' for Tom Cruise's NASCAR guy in that racing movie.
  17. ADoer

    Episode 71 — The Glimmer Man

    Thoughts: It might have been Spy magazine that did a hilarious 'expose' on how Seagal (contract stipulates non-Jewish pronunciation of last name) but how his Agent hoaxed their way into a stunning 6-picture deal. I remember Siskel and Ebert complaining Seagull crossed the line between 'above-it-all confidence' to just an arrogant douche who walks through scenes like hes the only thing that matters. Saw 'Glimmerman' and almost the only thing I remembered was being annoyed his disco-sounding nick-name reflected nothing of his fighting style. Glimmer. this could make me think of a Ninja right? "We saw nothing, heard nothing.. then just caught a glimmer (of steel) in the corner of our eyes... zipppp! we were dead!" No. As beautifully pointed out - Seagal's 'fighting style' is basically banging through the crowd like a tank and slapping people as they bounce off of him. Or he mows them down with his bulk. And finally - JDR .. and I say this again - JDR moments never fail to be strange genius! Superb Episode. There is a canceled Steven Seagal Reality Show where its edited (awkwardly) to make it appear he is not a deputy Sheriff simply repeating what the real cops say.. but as if Seagal is 'leading them' as their new Chief.. and its is EFFING HILARIOUS if you can find that online. the 'HDTGM' of Reality TV. Cant even remember the name.. its comedy gold!
  18. Loved this one. It's amazing but when they played that 'Lasers' clip I absolutely had some kind of instant brain tickle - even though I did not quite know where I knew it from (until they mentioned it). I think Malcolm Gladwell did a whole piece on VCRs and how they were never quite marketed properly and why most people never really figured out 90% of the uses other than eventualy insert and press play. Rewind. Imagine this - I was easily able to invite 4 of the cool kids to my house after the parents borrowed one of the first BetaMax machines from the corporate office. I believe it was something like $600 and basically just companies had them for corporate videos (i dont remember anyone having a 'home' version at the time). And here's the other thing - the first video store was really a VCR sales and accessories store that also happened to have about 20 movies. Jaws, The Howling, The Fog (ya oddly lots of horror) and you'd actually have to put your name on a list and wait 10 days.. maybe 20 days. And man oh man.. it was a BIG BIG DEAL... i mean.. it was pure amazing magic and yes us 12 year olds certainly did figure out how to rewind a nude scene in 'The Howling'. Burning this image into our memories for life:
  19. ADoer

    Favorite Bad Movie Quote

    John Carpenter's Vampires. James Woods initiating a new Priest on the REAL world of Vampires: James Woods "Have you ever even seen a vampire??" New Priest: "No" James Woods: "Well first of all the aren't 'romantic' - its not like they are a bunch of eurofags hopping around in rented formal wear seducing everyone in sight with cheezy euro-trash accents - forget what you saw in the movies!! pause "..They don't turn into bats! crosses don't work! Garlic? You put a fuck'n garlic necklace around your neck and one of those suckers will bend you over and take a walk up your strata-jacka-gotda-wally-and-sucka the blood out of you!!" pause "..and they don't sleep in a coffin lined with taffeta! -You wanna kill one of these suckers? You drive a wooden stake right through its fuckin heart! and adds.. "oh ya and sunlight turns em into crispy critters. Got it?" And worth mentioning there is over-the-top gesticulating, miming and hand-charades - while he is driving, and, then, immediately after this scene pulls over and beats the shlt out of the new priest. Its pure awesome!
  20. ADoer

    Episode 68 — Over The Top: LIVE!

    Sorry but HoneyBadger never stops being funny for me "See..this guy always wears his watch - now thats what I like about this armwrestler.".
  21. ADoer

    Episode 68 — Over The Top: LIVE!

    This might be nit-picking if it weren't the actual title of the movie and the entire key to winning a truck and freeing his son from the non-kidnapping but... I'm pretty sure the signature move has no realistic basis in arm-wrestling physics? It sure surprised his opponents though - the looks on their faces was pure WTF!
  22. ADoer

    Episode 68 — Over The Top: LIVE!

    Definitely noticed - the audiences are now coming massively prepared and I sense they are JDR fanatics at heart. Love how HDTGM is rising to the challenge. Was it Moynihan that pointed out (this I love) that supposing this massive arm-wrestling event has had similar grand prizes - the 5 Time unbeaten champ should have accrued approx. a half a million dollars and a trucking compound full of Kenworths by now. I did find a self-redeeming quality - when I was a kid i thought this was the dumbest effing movie I had ever seen and even at that age could not quite figure out... so... he has to win an arm wrestling competition to ... keep his son? From kidnappers or... huh? Wouldn't you just phone the police? I'm still not quite clear on this lol.. the son was being held for ransom? No? Just ... he just needed a new truck i guess?
  23. ADoer

    Episode 68 — Over The Top: LIVE!

    JDR lasers - They become 'Hawks' when the father and son get together. - and yep, the mom has to be in a crazy hospital "I have to go now" with the crazy-lady haircut. This was one of THE best episodes and one of the greatest all-time horrible movies! HDTGM is blowing up!
  24. I always cringed at Weird Al. All my dumbass friends thought his stuff was the greatest. Anyways, I listened to him on WTF and he might be the nicest man in the world. Seriously, I mean just the nicest and most genuine .. really a 'sweetheart' of a guy. Now I have to say.. "you know what - he works hard and puts his whole heart into making some goofy funny thing that cheers someone up and nobody gets hurt. So appreciate it for what it is". *turning into my Grandfather btw. Now to the future: MORE KINDLER PLEASE!
  25. ADoer

    Miami Connection (1987)

    There are about 4 different 'Miami Connection' posts already - and I agree its GOLD!