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  1. AlexPanov

    This Is 40

    Yeah this movie wasn't interesting, but it wasn't bad. I think some of you don't really get what makes a bad movie bad.
  2. AlexPanov

    Now You See Me (2013)

    I am dumbfounded by the replies in this thread, absolutely dumbfounded. This movie was easily a 7 out of 10 and it was a lot of fun to watch, and I wasn't confused or upset by any explanation. And there's no way ever this movie will ever be done on the podcast, never, and I'm pretty sure damn near everyone would agree, including Paul, Jason and June. Enough said
  3. AlexPanov

    Spring Breakers

    I'm bumping this thread cause I think this movie still needs to be done. It's pretty clear that not everyone feels the way I do, some people like this movie, so its not universally bad or anything I guess but there's still so much to talk about it, and there is no denying this movie is very flawed logically. I also think it was probably Franco's best acting he's ever done, that's another topic right there, why the fuck he would choose this piece of shit to show off his acting skills, but then it would be like the roast of franco all over again. I dunno, I'm still bumping this thread haha it would ESPECIALLY be great if they can get franco or rogen or anyone in that camp to be the guest for it, i know that's probably impossible, but it would still be great.
  4. AlexPanov

    Spring Breakers

    back to the topic of the actual movie real quick THERE IS NO FUCKING STORY THERE IS NO FUCKING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL ABOUT AN HOUR INTO THE MOVIE the movie is the directed with the purpose of giving the audience members a seizure about a combined 30 minutes of the movie is tits and ass james franco fucking blows a gun like a dick vanessa hudgens or whoever and that other chick kill like 200 gangbangers while walking through a rain storm of bullets undeterred, this is after franco is shot in the head in one try one of the chicks is all like, "i have to leave, i don't know these people" as soon as black people come in to the movie, but she had no problem snorting coke and having orgies with white guys at the beach gucci mane is the worst fucking actor i have ever ever seen, and the ironic thing is he's not even acting, just portraying his real life self shit what else spring break, spring break forevaaaaaaaaaaaaa i can fucking go on and on about this movie, this is DEFINITELY HDTGM material
  5. AlexPanov

    Spring Breakers

    omg yes please, this movie NEEDS to be done. I made an account just so that I can say this. Everything everybody said, plus that last scene was mind numbingly stupid