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  1. How does Sean know about Lafayette, Indiana. Anyways, that was surprising to hear.
  2. greglindberg

    EPISODE 243 — An Inconvenient Convenient Store

    Brett Gelman?
  3. greglindberg

    EPISODE 197 — Summer Stache

    Martha Quinn did a great guest spot on Full House.
  4. greglindberg

    EPISODE 337 — The Ying and the Yankovic

    That Would You Rather? theme is a good song. I mean, that's a good song.
  5. greglindberg

    We will miss you Harris

    I came home last night night and my wife told me this news and I couldn't believe it. Robin Williams was huge last year (and I know it's wrong to compare such things), but Wittels hit me so hard on a more personal level. I still can't stop thinking about it. The way he just spoke in general really connected with me. After I heard the You Made It Weird episode, I immediately wrote Harris a Facebook message saying, "I listened to your return on You Made It Weird, and it was great hearing your story. You're seriously my favorite comedian and thank you for sharing your humor with us all." It shows the message was "seen," and I hope he did read it. There was so much more I could have said, but I wanted him to know he has many fans that care about what he does and who he is. I feel like so much comedy has been lost, and I wonder how one can even do comedy after such news. But I'm certain Harris would want people to continue to joke and work to be even funnier.
  6. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can trick a teacher into watching Old Dogs.
  7. greglindberg

    Episode 328 — Beatle Heaven

    Love when I see such surprise as American Football being on CBB! Also Anders and Mike on the same show is a smart pair up.
  8. greglindberg

    Omission: H the D

    Not really a omission as much as "juicy" tidbit of "juicy" info regarding H the D. APPARENTLY, Joss Whedon (writer of Pixar classic, "Toy Tale") wants to reboot H the D. Whaaaat? Yeah. Here's a link to click - http://www.comicbook...s/news/?a=82349 Doesn't seem like this is likely as Joss is probably just passing around that sense of humor he is sooo known for, but, thus, I pose - How would H the D fit in the current Marvel cinematic fimiverse? Would he fit well? Or not well?