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  1. So were they daddies who pop cherries or did they pop daddies cherries?
  2. Why is the Vampire Academy located in Montana? You have to think they get an average of, what 6-7 hours per day of sunlight MAYBE? Isn’t that one of the biggest factors in the good vampire vs. bad vampire? I did some research and Yuma, Arizona gets more than 4,000 sunlight hours per year and averages around 11 sunny hours per day. That’s almost double the amount of time with sun! Sure it isn’t as mountainous but I’m sure there could be some concessions made to the area when you know that you have another 5-6 hours a day to not worry about the Strigoi!
  3. Watching this movie I couldn't help but wonder if William Ragsdale had, what I guess I'm calling "mental pedophilia"? What I mean by that is it seems to me that on top of being attracted to Kristy Swanson's looks, he is also super into how much of like a child she acts! After a day of showing her around basically by her hand and making her laugh at the simple things in a department store (like one would do a kid) he takes her home and and makes out hardcore! At no point is he like "maybe this is a bad idea" or "maybe you need to get accustom to this 1000 year future you are experiencing before we bone down". In fact, the beginning of the movie establishes that he has had other pursuer in the form of his co-worker and he rejected her immediately. Why? Because mentally she is age appropriate physically and mentally!
  4. OctavisWitcher

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Couple things: 1. I believe Tatiana was talking about this, but the best line of the movie is when they are talking about the plane crash, Kevin says to Julie, "These things happen..." What things?! 2. One big thing that I couldn't understand was when Gwildor pulled up in the car and it is completely reconfigured with "alien technology". Where did Gwildor get this tech from? We saw him come over with just the japanese synthesizer. Did he create a new worm hole to go home and get some parts to rig up a car? Also what was the purpose of reconfiguring said car? It's not like it needs to run any differently. It's a CAR!
  5. OctavisWitcher

    EPISODE 117 - Theodore Rex: LIVE!

    Did anyone else notice how Teddy basically had no peripheral vision? I mean at no point during the movie did he appear to have the ability to look down. Couple that with his shorter than normal arms and I can't imagine him getting anything done. How does he dress himself when we cannot look down to put on his pants and shoes? Or eat? Or use the bathroom? Or anything involving any sort of hand eye coordination, like passing a police exam?!
  6. OctavisWitcher

    Episode 99 β€” A View To a Kill: LIVE

    True Story: While attending college at the University of South Carolina, I was required to take an Into to Media-type class for my major. For this class, the professor said he was going to play us just the sound from a movie. He then said it was one of the best use sound effects ever and defines the film. What happened next was a group of college kids sat in the dark and for the next 10 minutes listened to some of the worst dubbed in "swooshing", gun fire, and explosions. After that sequence, he turned on the lights and played the clip for us again with video and low and behold it was A View to a Kill. We then had to witness this over again this time with the terrible stunt work to match the terrible sound effects. True Story Part 2: At that time, I was a terrible student and ended up failing that class. Since it was required for my major, I had to take this same class again next year. And of course he gave the same grand speech praising this movie and made the class listen the watch. Moral of the story kids? Work hard so you aren't forced to watch terrible movies.
  7. OctavisWitcher

    Episode 94 β€” Glitter: LIVE!

    C&O: So we're to assuming that Terrance Howard got away with murder? Shouldn't Billie be with the cops instead of singing? She should be the first person they talk to so she can say "THIS GUY THREATENED TO HURT ME!" The timeframe of Dice's last moments are off. So he went to MSG, left the note, then came back to his apartment then was headed back to MSG? Also, I thought the song with the mother from the beginning would play a bigger role. Like she would record a verison of it or at least sing it again with her mom at the end? Guess not.
  8. OctavisWitcher

    Episode 90 β€” Sharknado 2: The Second One

    My guess with the tattoo discussion is that much like in video games; the production didn't want to pay the tattoo artist for using his/her tattoo image in the movie. Much like the Mike Tyson/Hangover issue that arose. Did anyone notice during the rope swing scene they threw the rope over the pipe but they were just using one rope to swing? Where's the other side? I also had a similar thought about the scarcity of sharks after these two movies and going forward. At this point it's safe to assume the shark population is dangerously low. How does that affect the ecosystem? Is it like when all the bees die out humans will be dead within a few years?
  9. OctavisWitcher

    Episode 84 β€” No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    I think Paul has hit on something with the WWF/No Holds Barred shared universe. I'd like to add another part to the theory: As previously mentioned, Lister wrestled in the WWF as "Zeus" and one of his matches was indeed again Hulk Hogan. Was Zeus trying to get revenge against Rip but took it out on Hogan, thinking he was actually Rip. Or was Zeus, so angered by the defeat by Rip, wanted to go after the next biggest star, in this case, Hulk Hogan?!
  10. OctavisWitcher

    Episode 82 β€” Double Team

    I want to nominate another "hero" of this movie and that would be those involved in making and maintaining the "glass" in this movie. It seemed like every chance this movie had, someone was thrown on, into, around, or near glass. I believe it was briefly mentioned, but I have to bring up the scene where the tiger "falls". I audibly gasped when that poor animal fell from who knows how high onto who knows what. One thing I love about most of the movies done on HDTGM is the fact that they all seem to begin with an opening scene that seems to start in the middle. I find myself rewinding and/or checking the wiki to make sure I'm not missing something. Nope. Always bad filmmaking.
  11. OctavisWitcher

    Episode 81 β€” Mortal Kombat

    A few things I had: Johnny Cage and his whole being a "fake" thing. Isn't that what an actor is? Even the greats like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan aren't actually fighting the actors, so are they fakers as well? Sure they are actually accomplished martial artists but they aren't "fake" because they are actually accomplished fighters. They can prove that by fighting with someone. Couldn't Johnny just do the same thing? Also why is even a thing? Did we give Sean Willam Scott shit because he wasn't ACTUALLY fighting in Bulletproof Monk. No, we give him shit because he was in Bulletproof Monk. Next: the LIBERAL use of the phrase "FLAWLESS VICTORY". Any MK fan worth his/her salt knows a flawless victory means just that. You fighter took no damager and was able to beat the other fighter. In both instances, when Goro fought the black dude (RIP) and when Liu Kang fought, they took SOME damage. They may not have been enough to hurt, but definitely not "flawless".
  12. OctavisWitcher

    Episode 80 β€” Jack Frost: LIVE!

    Did anyone else notice the "Mr. Show" clip when Charlie was flipping through the channels? It was distinctively David Cross' announcer voice then a quick clip. In my head someone working on the film is a secret alt comedy nerd that snuck that in in hopes of saying they were proud of at least one part of the movie.