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    The Purge (2013)

    This film is so amazingly bad. From the stupid premise, to the bad dialogue, to the terrible acting and the moral that they awkwardly shove down your throat, it is laughable from start to finish.
  2. KSundquist

    The Purge (2013)

    *Spoilers* I felt like logic went out the window for most of the film. For instance, when Ethan Hawke decided not drag the homeless guy out to the people threatening his family (a stupid choice) he didn't release the homeless dude so he could aid in fight against the baddies. Instead he left him tied up so that the homeless guy could triumphantly break free and intercede at the last moment. Lazy screen writing. Plus, they painted Hawke as this tragic character who died just after learning the error of his ways. Ultimately his biggest error was not just handing the homeless dude over in the first place. I realize that he's taking the moral high ground but if he handed the homeless dude over they would have just killed him. The alternative was that they would kill Hawke, his family, and the homeless dude. The stupidest set up of the whole movie in my opinion was the kid's watch that monitors vitals signs. It was just to set up a manipulative pointless scene where the family watches Hawke's vitals as he dies.