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    Submit clips here!

    singing bible donuts
  2. this Klamer fella is in the improv club maybe you should have him on and we can find out whats in the rest of his pockets. you never know one of his pockets could be filled with a friendship.
  3. I bought the book fogelnut and so far I am enjoying it
  4. I always knew jake liked to dress like a dinosaur and catch pre-verts
  5. Andy you are one funny guy. would you call your head a giggle nut or the laugh melon?
  6. scoops123

    Episode 8 — Damien Fahey, Our Close Friend

    I would just like to wish hazed and shaw a happy tanksgiving but i just talked to scott awkwardman and he said i can have your show if i want sorry guys
  7. scoops123

    Episode 7 — Ellie Kemper, Our Close Friend

    Damien i understand your nickname is The D-Man how can i get a cool nickname like this?
  8. i hope this Facebook massage comes with a happy friending
  9. they destroyed everything i own now its my turn for revenge feel the wrath of my podcast
  10. scoops123

    Episode 233 — Royal Watching

    i hear the baby popped out just to say he hates Mondays