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  1. Steven Seagal. Kurt Russell. Halle Berry. Busy's dad from the Canadian hit show "Ready or Not."... It's amazing!
  2. EarlwolfGuy

    The Invasion (2007)

    A totally, unnecessary and uninspired adaptation of a classic, which began with a screenplay by Dave Kajganich, directed Oliver Hirschbiegel. Partway through or after principal photography (I am unclear), the studio fired Hirschbiegel and replaced him with the Watchowski Brothers, to rewrite the film and preform additional shooting. The studio then replaced the Watchowski Brothers with James McTeigue to preform, yet-again, more reshoots and to add a "twist ending." The film is a hot-mess. The actors look bored. And it all is reflected in the film. Why was this adaptation needed? "How did this get made?"
  3. This is real! The third sibling is going to be played by Eddie Murphy. Ivan Reitman is attached to direct again. Was anyone clamouring for another Twins. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2334867/
  4. EarlwolfGuy

    X-Men: First Class

    When I walked out of this movie, everyone was raving about how awesome it was. I felt like I had taken crazy pills. Nothing made any sense! Characters acted without any motivation; did things for no reason. The writing was terrible. It might not be perfect for HDTGM, because it obviously got made because it was X-Men. Maybe it would be better titled How Did This SCRIPT Get Made? Did the actors, all of whom are great, read the script?Please tell me I am not alone on this.
  5. EarlwolfGuy

    Mission: Impossible III

    I straight-up love this movie. Best mission impossible. One of my favourite action films.
  6. EarlwolfGuy


    I'm watching this now. I second this nomination.
  7. Has it already been done and taken done or pushed out to make room for new episodes?
  8. EarlwolfGuy

    Drop Zone (1994)

    When I first read your post, I thought you had messed up. I thought to myself, did this guy seriously confuse Wesley Snipes with Charlie Sheen? I did a quick imdb search and realised that it was I who had messed up. I was thinking of Terminal Velocity, another skydiving movie released the same year, within months of each other... Both are crap movies.
  9. EarlwolfGuy

    Masked and Anonymous

    A film that I walked out on. Perhaps the only. It is crazy. And is one of two films that I searched to see if a post had already been created... From what I can recall, and it was a while ago, it has enough bonkers material that it would make a great podcast...
  10. EarlwolfGuy

    Tom Cruise

    1) Vanilla Sky is a film I enjoyed (not loved, enjoyed), but I know I am alone on that, so I wont fault you for it being included on your list. 2) All of the Mission Impossibles? I can understand the second, but I think the first holds up. And Mission Impossible 3 is amazing; it is one of my favorite action films. 3) Minority Report was great until the third act... 4) Reacher was pretty bad, apart from a great opening sequence.
  11. IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT. Which won five Academy Awards, including BEST WRITING.
  12. EarlwolfGuy

    Episode 68 — Over The Top: LIVE!

    My arm-wrestling name would have to be "Neil Armstrong"
  13. Inspired by June's "from what I know about tornadoes" monologue, there should be similar segments where June shares her understanding of whatever world or subject is being explored in the film you are reviewing that week. Of course, she should not be allowed to research anything beforehand. She should only use her off-hand knowledge of the subject. For example, for next weeks film "Over the Top," it would start, "from what I know about professional arm wrestling..."
  14. EarlwolfGuy

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    How about Spidernado... a movie about a tornado that spits out 40-year old virgins dressed in Spiderman outfits.
  15. EarlwolfGuy

    Executive Decision (1996)

    I did too! But I re watched it last week, and there were some elements that were genuinely bonkers.
  16. For the PG movies, where the plot makes no sense, have a five year old watch it and record them explaining the plot. Although, something about this seems familiar... My subconscious may have ripped it off.