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    Omission: judge dredd vs. demolition man

    Don't forget they both featured Rob Schneider.
  2. NicoHelado

    Omissions: "Demolition Man"

    1) The parole security safeword was "Teddy Bear" 2) This movie has a storied history with videogames. First, it was a horrible 3DO game featuring brief cinematics of Stallone giving words of encouragement: Second, Sting's re-recording of "Demolition Man" has longevity. When the Guitar Hero series was at its peak and it had already previously used The Police's "Message in a Bottle," the logical next step was Sting's "Demolition Man." Third and most importantly, the term "Murder Death Kill" was so influential to some moviegoers that there was a freaking videogame series called MDK. http://en.wikipedia....#Meaning_of_MDK 3) Demolition Man not only predicted the iPad, it predicted Google's driverless cars. Conclusion: we need a sequel to Demolition Man so we can ensure we will make additional technological breakthroughs in 15-20 years. And we need to do this before China closes the Demolition Man gap.