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    Episode 14 — Shocking Ways Reality Is Based on Movies

    Really enjoy these podcasts, guys! Excellent casters!! Would buy again A+++!! Anyway, as far as the foreign language enunciation trope goes, I stumbled across a Laurel and Hardy-style comedy short from 1936 called "Midnight Blunders" which has a scene where two bank-guards, on the trail of a body-snatching Chinese scientist with a wooden leg (a frighteningly common occurence in Roosevelt's America) are interrogating a resident of Chinatown. One of the guards asks for information in stereotypical slow, broken, pidgin English and the man replies, in a posh British accent, something along the lines of "Sir, I have absolutley no idea what you are saying." So not only is the trope of linguistic enunciation itself extremely old, the idea that it is racist and non-sensical dates back to at least the era just after the advent of the talkies. The rest of that movie is pretty racist itself though, so, you know... perspective or whatever. Anyway, thanks & etc.
  2. X_The Man With Xylophone Eyes

    Episode 12 — Millennial Panic!

    So you're saying those hippies down at the coffee shop were right this whole time? Like,
  3. X_The Man With Xylophone Eyes

    Episode 205 — Racism In Metal

    Today on Yo Is This Racist... Andrew talks to one of the "good ones." "Gee, you're so well spoken, not like those other metalheads, you know the ones I mean."
  4. X_The Man With Xylophone Eyes

    Episode 196 — The Wire

    Man, wouldn't it be messed up if Andrew's day job was... BEING A RACIST!!?