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    Episode 50 — Through The Airlock

    All i can picture are their faces spewing blood while traveling through open space.
  2. Derangedicon

    Episode 33 — To Hide or Not To Hide

    I have spent the last 3 days listening from start up til this episode and i cant count how many looks i have recieved at work while seizuring from laughter. You have inspired me to get back into DnD and am curious as to which edition i should go. I have heard you guys talk about 2nd being the best choice out of them so i think ill start there but input is always good. Also a quick side note, i dont think you guys ever received any experience from your triumphant victory over the douche Lord Noral. Another quick note is that when you guys went through all your gear checks after searching the lockers you guys lost sight of the Dragon Condom armor skin suit. Bryan this is directly for you. I just recently watched your latest comedy special The Fartist and i would like to inform you that while watching i started laughing so hard that it indeed forced a massive fart out. Unfortunately it also forced out a shart with said fart. Yes your comedy special made me laugh so hard i shit my pants. Rock on guys keep it up i look forward with much eagerness to every episode you release and i will be making a generous donation here very soon to ensure the continuation of this awesome adventure. - Sean Aka Derangedicon!!!