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  1. Isolationist maybe, but I'm ignorant?


    no matt, i don't think you're ignorant, but any line of argument that relies on the obfuscation of context most definitively is.


    Here is how I lumped those countries together: all countries whose religious fanaticism will never allow for peace, and will never allow them to be allies with the US for any significant amount of time. So which of those countries is so liberal that I'm so ignorant? Yes, I'd rather live in Egypt than Afganistan but they both have too much religious zealotry for the US to ever get involved in their politics.


    reasonable people can disagree on whether or not american foreign policy in the middle east is beneficial to her own interests. but your argument that the US should have nothing to do with syria and egypt because they're full of crazy religious despots was predicated on an incident that has everything to do with the political situation in one of those countries and nothing to do with religious fanaticism.


    and speaking of that incident, take a glance at the news outlets that chose to cover it. how much weight would you ordinarily put into a story circulated only via blogs, tabloids, and oh, fox news. there's a depressingly long tradition of western media portraying the middle east with about the same level of sensitivity and journalistic diligence as your local newspapers "news of the weird" section


    If you have ever seen an Asssscat you know I do surveys with the audience of roughly 100 patrons.

    What percentage of Asssscat audience will know who Hosni Mubarak is?

    Will know what Obama's "red line" was?

    Can define "Arab Spring"?

    I'll try this Sunday if I make it to Asssscat so put in your guesses now....


    i don't understand. you're trying to say that because the majority of your live audience has scant knowledge of international affairs that you should earn a pass for anything you say? do you even believe this yourself?

  2. any episode with betsy and tim is a 10/10 in my dairy diary.


    but what was up with matt's anger at the donkey story? it's no secret that there's been a sustained crackdown on anti-military sentiment in egypt for a while now, and that alone paints the incident in a very different light. also, however you feel about syria it's ignorant and illogical to transfer those emotions onto another country just because it exists in roughly the same geographical area.

  3. One more in a string of really solid episodes.


    For anybody interested, those Indian Marriage Proposal videos were originally produced by an Indian sketch troupe and were intended to satirize the concept of arranged marriage and the kind of ridiculous criteria that people who abide by it lay importance upon. They've been posted in so many different places now that it's become impossible for anyone watching them to consider them in their original context.


    Also, mangoes because;

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