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  1. mergeandsee

    EPISODE 342 — A Silicon Valley P-Cast

    "My life ain't no movieeeee."
  2. mergeandsee

    Episode 28 — Regret

    loving those wham city sounds
  3. mergeandsee

    Episode 162 — Nephew Jonah

    digging wiewie's boardwalk empire cut
  4. mergeandsee

    Episode 78 — Crossroads

    June not in the pictures again. Is she phoning-in using isdn robin quivers style. i feel like a weirdo for noticing this, but i do tend to check the episode pictures, because they're usually nice shots.
  5. mergeandsee

    Episode 153.5 — 11/08/13 TWO CHARTED 92

    Fuckbotch. That is all.
  6. mergeandsee

    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    loved this episode. so glad tim and jon were able to hatch things out. after tim disappeared from #230PST, i started to think things were on the rocks between these two pals. there was an utter lack of wasabi peas being crunched in my ears this episode. does that count as a critique?
  7. mergeandsee

    Episode 127 — The Character Extravaganza

    obviously im pretty late here, but wow was this a great episode.
  8. mergeandsee

    Episode 243 — Blow Me Up, Tom!

    Saw Tom in the title and just knew it was gonna be a good day.
  9. mergeandsee

    Miami Connection (1987)

    currently watching on netflix. so happy to see this was already requested.
  10. mergeandsee

    Episode 240 — #TheWorldsEnd

    this made my night.i just finished watching Spaced and Hyperdrive and have been itching for more of this crew. thanks for another gem. i love these guys
  11. mergeandsee

    Episode 94 — Hands In The Air

    i really dig all the pictures from this show. very nice
  12. mergeandsee

    Episode 140 — Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    I would love to hear a CBB with Wittels, Rust and Weitzman