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  1. I thought of a pretty elegant solution for making tanks but no tanks work on the pro version: say "welcome to the pro version, this week we're doing tanks but no tanks"

    Right? They just have to watch an ep of Shark Tank. It is a bit of prep work though which is a hassle. I had to include that in the song because it always slayed me.

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  2. I worked at a subway for 2 years, granted 9 years ago. Even then, the manager could adjust prices and such in the register. What kind of franchisee would risk getting screwed by false advertising? Its absolutely a simple change. Also, Sub prices absolutely do vary by location and franchise depending on a number of factors. Them stonewalling this guy is saying they're knowingly being complicit in shady shit which to me makes them almost as bad as the operator who would try to exploit this.


    They give him no empathy for a completely reasonable claim and its absolutely something that could be remedied. Terrible customer service and the reasoning behind adhering to it the guy on cased closed used is completely twisted. That said, this was one of the most civil and mild case closes! It had the craziest warning but was pretty relaxed and funny throughout in comparison to some others.

  3. It certainly doesn't look like this will make it any easier/ more convenient to access at the content I love with this model. The issue is that the system already works for the consumer. Maybe someone does or doesn't get hooked on a podcast, or a tv show, or a comic book series. They might start later, they might go from the start and see the evolution. That's a listener choice I think most can handle/ decide on. What they certainly say is: "wow, you have EVERY edition of xmen? Maybe I won't start at number one but if it grips me i'll certainly come back to it!"


    What is seems like, though, is that this old model doesn't work well enough for most Podcasters, and this will help them actually make some money for their hard work. I definitely want to see podcasting become a viable source of income for all kinds of audience pulls, and this does seem like a system in place to do so. Will there be any transparency as to how much this helps lower-ranked podcasters? I can handle $4.99 a month if its making a difference!

  4. While I like some of your alternate designs, that luxury liner left port long ago.


    Just because there's a pin made up? The pin looks FANTASTIC, by the way. The logo does not. It could easily retain a very similar design while looking more professional. The pin uses gold around its edges and doesn't have text on it which personally I think looks a lot nicer. Hooray Show switched up their logo after they locked it all down, Paul is a man of style and he must know his current state of logo affairs at the very least could be punched up.


    It doesn't matter, the show is amazing and it has me dying laughing so far. We just care about things going well and having a professional look helps. I hope this doesn't seem like i'm coming from a bad place, it just seems worth a look!



    Edit: here's a quick mock-up I made with a few changes that actually make it more like the Pin and a bit less bland. http://i.imgur.com/KASc3Ev.jpg Just an idea of course.

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  5. Its a shame that longform has yet to settle into mainstream media the way i4h fans like myself would like. Unfortunately, I find this to be the case with most of the deeperr arts. Your favorite bands usually don't play on the radio, the better written TV shows end up getting canned before their time due to it not hitting a broad enough audience. Long form makes an audience member think a bit more, its much more engrossing and engaging. Short form plays really well on television because they can fit each scene between commercial breaks. I can't imagine longform with breaks in between, a less-than-astute watcher might forget the entire premise, or the initial beat and not understand where the funny is coming from. I can see why longform might not have a place on cable T.V, regardless of how awesome and magical it is for me.


    Hopefully, with shows on the web with netflix / HBO, there WILL be a proper forum where anybody who wants it can find it, not this one size fits all situation many networks gravitate towards.


    Here's to Longform in the spotlight! In the meantime, i'll just be over here rewatching Assscat's two specials on youtube :)

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  6. Hey Matt,


    I love listening to the show, every week has me laughing harder. As a starting improviser and someone whose read the UCB improv manual (awesome!) I was wondering if there's any place in the show for discussing improv itself. I would love it if after one scene per show, you and the other improvisers could talk, similarly to a workshop, about what worked / the game / other possible moves or just general thoughts about the scene.


    I realize that to make the show appealing to both improvisers and non-improvisers its probably better to make the show less 'inside' but I think a short part after a segment wouldn't detract from non performers, and in fact might make listening to the magic a little more insightful!


    I love how many talented improvisers that show up for the program and it'd be great to see into their minds a bit about how they perform and play in improv. If there's a place in I4H for this, i'd love to hear it! I'm living in Boston, so hearing you all talk shop is something hard for me to get otherwise!


    Thanks for reading,


    Kyle Comeau