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  1. I think this movie was made for HDTGM. Going from bananas to bonkers to next level bonkers. I hope to see an episode for this movie.
  2. BobbySchenkel


    Dear Paul, If you could replace any actor in any movie, who would that be and what movie?
  3. BobbySchenkel

    Warriors of Virtue (1997)

    This needs a HDTGM episode! They can even talk about the fact that this and Tank Girl take place in the same universe!
  4. BobbySchenkel

    Snakes on a Plane

    I don't know if this movie has been suggested yet but it seems like this movie was made for HDTGM.
  5. BobbySchenkel

    Get to the choppahhh!

    How was the fact that the flight school was destroyed but the helicopter was perfectly fine overlooked!?