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    Episode 47 — The Big Chamber

    The rule I hear most often is that "evil intent" is a pretty strong requirement when you think about it. If Hitler is just sitting in a chair eating cereal and humming a dity in his head, then the spell should pass over him without saying anything. I was always okay with that rule, but the reading they gave here made it pretty clear that the spell detects evil monsters and characters, which kind of goes against this interpretation.
  2. SeejoCrux

    Episode 46 — The New Guy

    You and your cliffhangers, Sark.
  3. SeejoCrux

    Nerd Poker sounds

    I'm going to put Moulon Burp on repeat and giggle until I can't breathe.
  4. SeejoCrux

    Character Drawings

    Why so few weapons?
  5. SeejoCrux

    Episode 34 — The Dark Planet

    Just listened to all 34 episodes in a few days. Glad I did! Sark's Outer Planar Space Odyssey is great radio. My only complaint is that there was discussion about switching away from D&D 4e because it was doing more harm than good (especially with the lack of map-based tactical combat), but the switch hasn't happened yet. There's got to be a Spelljammer d20 game out there somewhere that would suit the storyline much better and not leave the players dumbfounded by their own character sheets. Here's hoping for another 30+ episodes! Keep up the good work gang.