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  1. I'm sure that this has been asked in the past, but as a refresher, will the ads be taken out of shows like Hollywood Handbook? I mean, those babies are premium content in and of themselves!
  2. Joe McGurl's Hollywood Handbook Forum Guide told me I didn't have to be funny in here so I'm sticking to that. I watch Regular Show alone. Always. Alone.
  3. how does everyone feel about me starting to post in here? I've been too spooked to ever say anything, but I love this show so much and can't stand not posting any longer. also, happy birthday chanson!
  4. gulospizzapaddle


    I made a real plugs theme. SPOOKY!
  5. gulospizzapaddle

    "That's a Good Plug"

    that's a GREAT plug (s theme)!
  6. gulospizzapaddle

    COFFEE PLUGS (Descendents)

    I've heard of Scott Aukerman, but Milo Aukerman?!
  7. https://soundcloud.c...ugs-descendents plugplugplug gotta plug all upcoming dates give us proof that you'll unlock the gates gotta plug Lapkus, Benny, Paul where are your shows we need to hear them all I don't need to eat no bugs I just gotta hear all of your plugs I dont need to get high with Doug I just gotta hear all of your plugs stand up, TV, movies, stage, and screen PLUGPLUGPLUGPLUGPLUGPLUGPLUGPLUG
  8. gulospizzapaddle

    Ask Paul!

    When did you first hear of U2? But seriously, all joking a salad, did the improvisers from No, You Shut Up! have puppets on their hands just so they felt comfortable? Also, this is me ignoring that felt pun I totally just lobbed over home plate...
  9. gulospizzapaddle

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    I enjoyed Harris and Scott bickering back and forth so much, I'm not quite sure why.
  10. gulospizzapaddle

    Episode 9 — Hollywood Bowl

    This ep made me feel good. Harris getting better/keeping his job. Scott liking Phish. This show was meant to happen. Them laughing at themselves wholeheartedly enjoying a "funky" jam made me laugh alone in public harder than is socially acceptable.