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    EPISODE 357 — Modern Anti-Comedy

    Please please PLEASE let Obama's WTF interview be a springboard to appearing on CBB. Scott: Welcome to the podcast Barack Hussein Obamacare. It's been awhile (It's been awhile) since we worked together on Between Two Ferns. How's Michelle? POTUS: You mean 'my ha-wiiiffe?' She's doing just fine. How's your wife Kulap? Scott: You mean my former ex-girlfriend with big naturals? She's doing great. (Knock on the door) Scott: Who's is this!?! I thought the secret service was guarding the studio from any unexpected guests?!? (A boatload of characters enter and bum rush the studio) Don: It's Me! Don DiMello, theatrical director! I see the president is finally here. I have a role for you in my next production. It's about Kennedy and Marilyn...oh yeah. I have a couple of gorgeous girls all lined up outside to audition for the part. Plenty of grassy knolls if you get my drift...oh yes. Not a bald eagle in sight. Sheriff of Nottingham: I have you right where I want you POTUS! I know Robin Hood is part of your cabinet, you will no longer distribute the queens coins throughout the land, seize him! Fourvel: excuse me...mr.president...do you have any table scraps I can eat? Can I lick the sweat off that water bottle on the table? I managed to scrounge up some empty tins of cat food from Maron's dumpster. Just don't fuck with me or I'll gut you from balls to gullet... ...clanking chains...boo...spider webs...universal healthcare...black cat... Adam Scott: A worthy uhh, a worthy uhh, a worthy uhh... Scott: Mr. President, I'm sorry. This is too dumb even for me. I'm stopping this. POTUS: It's ok Scott. Tell Zach I said hello. And he still needs to pay for the White House door frame he broke. Scott: I'll let him know- POTUS: because he's fat. He broke the door from his fat.
  2. NoNotNow

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    Goddammit Harris. RIP.
  3. NoNotNow

    Episode 102 — Tango & Cash

    In honor of Gene Hackman's birthday today, can you please review Loose Cannons, the buddy cop picture he did with Dan Ackroyd so that I don't ever have to see this film? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0100053/
  4. This is the best 'where were you on 9/11?' story yet. No seriously, when I saw the new episode available I literally popped my stones.
  5. Did anybody else think the most exciting announcement at the Apple iPhone/iWatch/iDon'tKnowAnymore event was the U2 album drop... that will result in a new episode of U Talkin' U2 To Me?! http://www.cbsnews.com/news/u2-drops-surprise-album-at-apple-unveiling Time to harass Adam Scott on Twitter...
  6. RIP Casey Casem, RIP (for now) U Talkin' U2 To Me?....
  7. You talkin' Foo Fighters to me?!? http://www.avclub.com/article/foo-fighters-taylor-hawkins-why-he-hates-u2s-disco-204670 This podcast is slowly taking over the world. (By world I mean the AV Club comment board)
  8. NoNotNow

    Episode 286 — Time Bobby 3

    Loving Earwolf's new sponsor!
  9. NoNotNow

    Episode 7 — Zooropa

    Zoo TV was one of the first concerts I attended. I had $30 lawn seats & some dude shouted at me for standing on his blanket which didn't impress his date much. (An inner city teen wearing a $30 t-shirt with a giant tie dyed image of Bono's fly glass wearing face was admittedly pretty threatening to suburbia in the early 90s) The Pixies had already broken up by the time the tour hit Chicago so the opening act was Public Enemy. They had a guy dressed as a klansman jump around on stage, only to be strung up on a noose and hung from the rafters at the end of their set. It was amazing. Oh and U2 was ok I guess. (I liked their Yugo cars hanging from the rafters)
  10. NoNotNow

    Episode 280 — DuALity

    "Jesus said to them, 'My wife...'." 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' likely isn't a modern forgery, scientists claim http://www.theverge....cientists-claim It figures, the minute Scott stops saying it, everybody jumps on the bandwagon...
  11. NoNotNow

    Episode 275 — LIVE from SXSW 2014

    Adomian started off as Alan Rickman then became the Sheriff of Nottingham, then turned into Hans Gruber so I'm assuming he hadn't made a concrete decision on where the character was going before the podcast. Fortunately Adomian is a brilliant improviser so it worked on a crazy free association level, with wildly inconsistent (but hilarious) backstories. I think Scott and James both strive for a cleaner narrative which is why the Sheriff was on hiatus for 3 years. (See Adomian's Dr.Bronner character in episode 142: http://www.earwolf.com/episode/popcorn-com/ which didn't work because the voice was so charged and high key combined with the straight guy chair going to Tim & Eric, whose anti improv 'No,but' attitude works in a very specific context.) Uh,oh, I just explained a joke. I apologize in advance for murdering comedy.
  12. I downloaded this episode without knowing the lineup. The minute Marissa Wompler spoke up I genuinely feared for her safety.
  13. "This instrumental is great but we don't have time for it-" After 1hr,14min of talking about everything except the album. I get the impression the photo of Adam and Scott looking tired and haggard reveals they've committed to a podcast they don't want to do anymore...
  14. Interesting story on the war boy from Boy/War and his most recent collaboration with U2: http://www.independent.ie/entertainment/music/little-boy-from-album-covers-now-turning-the-cameras-on-u2-26644980.html
  15. NoNotNow

    Episode 236 — Murderer Heaven

    I wasn't familiar with Richard Harrow or his voice so I actually cringed when Paul started talking. I thought this was going to be a trainwreck. When Paul made that comment on the invention of the cash register to sell the first bibles ('We're in business boys, cha-ching!') it instantly turned into a top 5 of the year episode. Please forgive me for ever doubting PFT's brilliance.