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  1. You should check the Go Bayside episodes with her and Pardo. He really knows his Saved by the Bell!
  2. dog_log

    Episode 283 β€” The 5th Anniversary Show!

    Holy run-on sentence Batman! Also, is your shift key broken?
  3. dog_log

    Episode 283 β€” The 5th Anniversary Show!

    Yeah dude thinks he's John Lennon just because podcaster's on his network don't have to do ads.
  4. dog_log

    Episode 179 β€” She's Upton, Not Uptight

    Armen seems like someone who took mushrooms and then got stuck that way. Which isn't something I thought could happen. But now I'm scared to do mushrooms.
  5. dog_log

    Matt and Kanye

    I think the fact that Kanye is an all around douchenozzle means he earns no "improv doctor patient confidentiality."
  6. dog_log

    Episode 140.5 β€” 08/9/13 TWO CHARTED 79

    I find Armen utterly fascinating for some weird reason.
  7. dog_log

    Episode 140 β€” Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    At first I thought Armen was extremely high, but I guess some people are just always like that. This episode has a weird dynamic (in a good way). Fun stuff. Also Scott is always funny when he's in more of an attack type mode (just like on Analyze Phish).
  8. Where did PFT call him out about that? I remember that.
  9. dog_log

    Episode 139 β€” Boring Kanye West

    That is almost EXACTLY the end of the Big Lewbowski: