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    Episode 19 — U2 Holiday Special

    Adam Scott likes Jenny Lewis. Jenny Lewis is in Rilo Kiley. Rilo Kiley also has Blake Sennett. Blake Sennett was Adam Scott's lackey in Boy Meets World. Illuminati. #Ragonk
  2. RyanChristopherRussell

    Episode 14 — All Good Things...

    This show is like a tall amount land, the preface for Jordan's shoes, the letter after "D", and how I address myself and someone I'm with... Hilarious.
  3. She's a brick... and I'm drowning slowly... HOUSE!
  4. Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring iBanana Phone...
  5. Welcome to Nerd Poker, D&D with Brian Posehn and Friends
  6. RyanChristopherRussell

    Episode 62 — Dwarf Surfboard

    "It's the level boss!" "No, it's the level assistant manager" -Blaine almost missed this line, glad I didn't made me audibly "lol" at work...
  7. RyanChristopherRussell

    Please. You had me at Comedy Bang...

    Please. You had me at Comedy Bang...
  8. RyanChristopherRussell

    Cyclops was right

    Cyclops was right
  9. It may be morbid, but I love asking for more money at an auction
  10. Richard Nixon is the best Dick in a Box
  11. If you're a fan of circular vowels and want to express it loudly, just yellow
  12. RyanChristopherRussell

    I like drums, but um, chhhh

    I like drums, but um, chhhh