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  1. DavidFeig

    Nerd Poker: LIVE now in Howl!

    and new episodes coming in the summer!
  2. DavidFeig

    Nerd Poker Is Ending :(

    Well, I really hope Sark can return to give these last few episodes a proper feel to end the series. I assume that all the events since he stopped being the DM are just a dream by Damien about his cousin Dag...or a snowglobe, or something How would Nausica get along with Martha Moxley? Can Jerry and Sarah et all return for the few episodes? Can old team fight new team in a twisted danger room for the amusement of the old man wizard? Can fans dress up like Collectors, go to the studio and hum loudly at the finale?
  3. DavidFeig

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

  4. DavidFeig

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    The best part of the episode is that they all assume that Dolph Lundgren can't speak english, and that his lines were supposed to all be dubbed, and then mention that he is super smart at math and studied at MIT. So he was smart enough to go to MIT as a Swede but that didn't require him to speak English? Math is the universal language, Seems like everyone had a June Moment there. Clearly Dolph is very smart and just had a heavy accent. I would like to have a How Did this get made special episode of watching a movie with June's dad. Maybe "who framed roger rabbit" in which neither June nor her father understand how the cartoons work in the movie and spend most of the pod cast complaining about it.
  5. DavidFeig

    Questions for Sark

    please come back sark
  6. DavidFeig

    EPISODE 144 — Fart Mail

    I really miss Sark and the stories about the old necromancer and the collectors....sigh...is he EVER coming back? feels like his child should be like 15 by now.
  7. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0126816/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_52 Dolph Lundgren AND DIRECTED BY JOHN WOO!
  8. DavidFeig

    I Come in Peace AKA Dark Angel (1990)

    amazing movie! great one liners! Brian Benben AND Dolph Lundgren! Can't get any better!
  9. heard the promo for her show, I'm confused why would she want to eat a cat?
  10. DavidFeig

    Episode 109 — Is There A Dingy?

    This episode might be a sign that Jerry, Sarah, Sark and now Ken have left to do their own podcast. Is there any chance the next episode is sark coming back and the entire old team wakes up from confinement in a strange ship surrounded by collectors, having just dreamed the current campaign with Blaine as a horrible nightmare? Surrounded by the enemy The priest of Judas says "oh thank god!" At this point I'm hoping collectors come to the studio to rough up Blaine.
  11. DavidFeig

    Episode 108 — Water and Chunks

    My mistake, this episode was briefly and accidentally uploaded last week and then fixed. But I had listened to it so for me it is deja vu. Going back to listen to 107 then. And then realize the show is so chaotic I didn't notice anything awry. I would much prefer the return of collectors and sark.
  12. DavidFeig

    Episode 108 — Water and Chunks

    Is this a new episode? or did I hear about rats and the boat before? Deja Vu Man!
  13. DavidFeig

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    Sigh They were so close to the catching the dang old man.....this series has really taken a downturn since missing him and crash landing on this sh*T hole of a planet! As episodes go, whats the point of spending so much time figuring out damage when its so overwhelming? Ehhh...I like listening to D&D but when its like 'ok how much damage is this again??...roll dice..half that..double this. take one point off..." yawnn And is it a meme for Jerry to be the only player to keep having his characters bite it? Ideally Jerry comes back to play a newly evolved Stargoyle that absorbed so much energy from the blast that he can now function more like a PC. But doesn't let on and still purrrs and makes cute noises because it would be fun for Jerry to have to do that.