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    God darn gosh damn, these are all so amazing. Why are these not their own show on IFC or Adult Swim yet?
  2. HunterM

    UCB Master Class

    I think the answer to all those questions is a simple "ah yawp!" These videos are great
  3. HunterM

    Whooch LIVE on VPN - 9/19

    Sklar Brothers Brand Condoms needs to be on a t-shirt
  4. Hello everyone! I'm the guy that was sitting next to the gentleman who shouted at me to "shut the fuck up" and then called me a "faggot" before getting boo'd out of the theater. I just want to explain to the listeners what happened here. I was sitting in the front row next to the insane/homophobic guy and his wife, it was pretty clear they didn't know what the show was about or what to expect. So after Horatio made the Jonestown joke the guy sitting next to me made a very audible "That's sick!" followed with a few words under his breath like "This isn't funny." It's fine that he didn't enjoy the show, but how he proceeded with it is what started bothering me. Leading up to the "I told you to shut the fuck up!" he was talking loudly to his wife, discussing where they should go next, opening up his Bumbershoot schedule and loudly thumbing through it, also keep in mind we're in the front row. Basically this guy decided to drop all common courtesy and reverted to an annoying asshole because he got offended, instead of just leaving like a normal person does. So I politely asked them to be quiet a few times and eventually suggested they should "leave if they're not enjoying it" because they were being rude. I'll admit I did poke at the situation a little by telling him he was being rude, but I didn't expect that kind of reaction! But two hilarious scenes came out of it and it was a great time!
  5. This episode has easily become one of my favorites. Lauren's audible disgust throughout the the whole episode was hilarious!
  6. I'm sorry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFVdIDVEcEQ
  7. "I don't need DNA to perform a curse" WARNING You may become cursed by terrible black magics if you watch this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-G9YwGIb8k