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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Catching rabbits barehanded in the Outback using snakes: (It's kinda like using four hand-grenades, with no pins, to get a free coke from a vending machine. -&y
  2. AndyIwancio

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Fetish hypnosis video watcher understands Satanic connection to "feminization": -&y
  3. AndyIwancio

    Episode 45 — Adopt A Puffin

    Didn't have a chance to say before, but quite ironic that the person against gun cock noises in beats (in a great comp entry btw) fires like the best shots on shots fired.
  4. AndyIwancio

    Episode 96 — Jackie Robotson

    Rad talking to y'all on the phone. It was way less awkward than the last time. And I started hormones this past friday, woot. -&y
  5. AndyIwancio

    Episode 43 — The Return of BEeFF

    Been meaning to do this, as a whatever, here's the "beef" intro scratched over a trappy beat. werd or whatnot: https://soundcloud.com/paxus/dat-beef
  6. AndyIwancio

    Episode 39 — Unexpected Influences

    Yeah, dunno why I was leaving the message either, lol. Just thought it was meta or whatever. I should mention that was me beatjuggling/scratching a beat by an artist named Je$u$, so not my beat, but thanks for the tiny freestyle james! Thanks for having milo on too, i've been sharing cavalcade around (per y'alls suggestion on a previous ep.) and it was cool to hear more from him. werd. -&y