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    Episode 241 - Guess the Bigfoot

    Dorkopotomis - The debate question "is it time for Bernie to admit the primaries are over and it's time to unite against Trump or keep doing what he's doing" was slanted against you from the get. The implications that the race is over and that Hillary has her delegates in the bag is not just condescending, but dishonest. However, no one is promised a fair fight, so I let that one go. You could spend the whole hour discussing/dismantling the skewed information that the followup comments and questions were based upon, but ultimately, the primary reason for the podcast is entertainment. So my criticism "playing it too safe" was not directed (solely) at you or Isabelle, but for whatever reason, the discussion at large was low energy. If someone like Gabrus or Gemberling was there to have a strong opinion (and OWN it) to play off of, then it would've been at the very least entertaining. I only have high expectations because I'm a huge fan of the show and it's participants and of course truth in comedy.
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    Guest suggestions

    I know the Broad City girls have been suggested already, but why hasn't Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobsen been on the show? Didn't they meet taking classes at UCB?
  3. gingerdidthis

    Episode 241 - Guess the Bigfoot

    Well, I wouldn't give the lady too much credit. She lost all credibility as soon as she perpetuated the false spin story about the Nevada convention (I'm assuming that's what she was referring to) saying the Bernie supporters were "violent" and "issuing threats" and their hostility is detrimental to Hillary's campaign. The Huffington Post was one of the many corporate media outlets creating this narrative when there is not one shred of evidence video/picture or other documentaion via arrests, etc of any incidents of violence or chairs "being thrown." It's neither surprising nor impressive that Isabelle is a columnist there. I was excited to see i4h finally talk to the unfolding drama of this politics season, but it was disappointing for so many reasons, but the only one I'll address here is that everyone was playing it too safe. I expect more from Matt Besser considering how outspoken he is about his support for Hillary and how passionate he can be over (seemingly) less important issues yet even if it's about football, a subject I care nothing about, is able to relate to a grander principle. For the first time, I felt like no one was at the steering wheel and possibly too hesitant or fearful to say what they really felt.