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    Scott, are you going to be appearing on any of these new podcasts?
  2. Soda Toe


    So it's not a comedy/character kinda thing? I was worried, it seemed like she's been stuck striking a single chord in her work recently with all the psychic satire on WSG.
  3. glad my babyboi Sean wasn't pushed into full on Taz out territory. That would have been very scary and dangerous.
  4. Ah yes.. the self-styled "Nick Kroll comedy payola investigator" - I follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrivagoD She even looks nuts.
  5. was disappointed they didn't ask Nick about dating Amy Poehler, or where he got those dope New Balance's edit: to include some praise, which I was remiss to leave out. great episode.
  6. Soda Toe

    EPISODE 82 — Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    "here's lookin' at you, kids"
  7. this is one of the best I4H eps ever - Matt and Armen's hilariously tense chemistry, an amazing group of improvisers (whose individual presences on any Earwolf show would have been a delight to see, let alone together on I4H - amazing), and some inside baseball talk - and I'm only halfway through so far. very cool.
  8. Soda Toe

    Episode 15 — Harris Wittels

    huh. the forum button for Episode #10, with Joel Stein links here.
  9. Let me know if this/something similar has been done before.
  10. So, you might say, PFT ... takes the cake? (boss) For me it's Gemberling's hearty giggling.
  11. Soda Toe

    Episode 260 — Tiny Cheeseburger Story

    IIRC it was actually Will Forte - it was brought up in an interview with Scott on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show, and he neither confirmed nor denied the fact, but it seemed obvious. Here's the interview for anyone who hasn't seen it:
  12. Soda Toe

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    Rare footage of a cowboy land-virginie gang-bang! NSFW! I imagine one would feel a dearth of girth while fucking the earth. Great ep. (That's short for episode, as we say in show-B.)
  13. Soda Toe

    Episode 71 — Comedy Death Scott

    Awesome episode! Was neat to hear the birth of the El Chupa drop that was added to the end of all the podcasts.