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  1. Ok, I came here because once again, I am working at my desk, and in the mood to listen to a podcast that doesn't have anything to do with the NFL injury report or Ray Rice throwing a left cross at his then fiance, now wife. I was looking to listen to something entertaining. Something refreshingly original, and funny as hell. As far as this forum, for me I haven't been on here in some time. It's been since shortly after the final podcast aired, but when I left, I just always felt like it was inevitable that this show would return. If you're here reading this, like I just finished reading all of your posts, then a few things are probably true about you. #1 you love listening to podcasts. #2 you love comedy, more specifically the free form improv that Andy and all the decendents of UCB bring to the table. #3 you miss this show. Goddamn Andy, we need you back. This was magic. I never listen to ANYTHING more than once or maybe twice. I have listened to each of these several times, and Travel Bug the most. It is so cool to come here and read that I am not alone in feeling that this is superior comedy. Maybe they feel like they won't be able to catch litghtning in a bottle a second time, but I disagree, the outline is there for a show that would last a long time, you don't even need to expand the characters, or develop anything new(I know that geniouses like Andy Daly, Matt Gourley, Matt Besser and Paul Thompkins would never rest, and maybe this is another reason there's no new ones). Just roll out these characters and come up with new destinations the characters have traveled to, or a new workout routine for Bill Carter to teach, or a new Wit and Wisdom novella by Dalton, I am actually giggling thinking about the possibilities. Lol hopefully I have tried to capture my emotion on this topic. We need more ADPPP ASAP!!! And lastly: Shveidelmäter hiedahn zeide, etsch van euille, Duellman pretzel reclaims your mouth. "New Poppa gives us Rock Salt!"
  2. I am so happy to see how many people are so in tune to how I feel about this show. I mean, we could wax poetic for hours on these characters, I've tried ranking them, second guessed my rankings, I mean I don't know about anyone else but I find myself mocking people around me, not in a bad way, just while they're telling me a bullshit story saying something total Daly-like such as "Ooooh Golly." Or something from a character in the podcasts, like "You Vat-i-Can't catch me!" Or seriously it is just making me a little sharper on my toes and ready to pounce on something, like they don't realize it but they're feeding me lines and I am just going off of their vibe. I don't know how to describe it, other than saying they nailed it. They fucking nailed how I want my fake podcast pilots to sound, and I can only say that on Greg Fitzimmons's podcast last week one Andrew "Andy" Daly confirmed that there is a definite possibility that there may be a proposed second episode in each of these pilots futures.
  3. So lets say that Sha Na Na gets a gig at a small fair, in a parking lot, of a mini-mall... Later on, "If I'm like Mitt Romney and I want Sha Na Na to play at my birthday party"
  4. Chip: Miss Channing smells like a hospital, and a pharmacy, and a liquor cabinet. Tip: As a moderator I am forced to mention there is a question on the floor.
  5. Thanks KajusX I have been thinking about how this one hasn't sunk in yet as you say, that was for sure my gut reaction. And I have gone back and re-listened, certain parts multiple times, and I think I needed to take it in with a Skinny Mahrgh' because you pick so much more up after multiple listens. But to put in perspective, I too am a giant Andy Daly fan. I am a firefighter/EMT and my second job is in a public accounting office, and what I usually will do is listen to something while I get ready in the morning, and on my walk to work, and if I'm in the office that day, I listen for a few hours each day. If a new ADPPP is out I will listen to it in its entirety immediately of course. That's the moment I made the earlier comment. I will check my stitcher playlist to see if anything new is out that I want to listen to, usually Improv for Humans, Freakanomics, TED radio hour, Rogan, Greg Fitz, I don't know maybe Ari Shaffir's or Duncan Trussels sometimes, I also like the Kill Tony podcast and of course Comedy Bang Bang sometimes too. But if I look at the list and nothing intrigues me, I re-listen to the ADPPP. There is no other podcast I re-listen to in that manner. Each time you pick something up that you missed. It's the best I've listened to, hands down. So at least now that gives you a little perspective as to where I'm coming from, which is kind of a stranger out of the box type opinion. My rankings were based solely on my opinion, and that's just it, I was reading these comments about how much everyone enjoyed this episode and I got jealous of them, like I was missing out on the fun. So the second listen you get the gold "my withered arm, my mom said it looked like a little wisk broom." "I love a man that's so hairy you have to vaccuum the bed in the morning." "it sounds like an airplane, and then you trew your recyclables out." And my favorite comment of the entire podcast "You guys, this is gettin' super dahrk, you wanna listen to some Bob Seeger?" or "I taught this kid how to smoke cigarettes. I taught this fuckin' kid how to take a punch in the face." But I think the reason for me is my location. I am right next to Atlantic City, and there are pockets of people around here that literally live like that, and they're not joking. There were a couple of comments that made me cringe and gave me my bias. But really looking back on it how can I rank these? I mean Get Fit Now has the Elf, the Giant, and the Governor with Andy killing it. Plus you get the best workout song ever recorded. "The Look of the Lion." Also the Travel Bug because I am a huge fan of Besser and I had just watched Happy People by Herzog, so his voice was fresh in my mind. I think I want to get a quilt made that says "He has a penis you can see!" just to make myself laugh. They fucking nailed that podcast. And in Hail Satan the Hollywood Mayoral debate between Chip Gardner & Carol (years ago I sat on a whoppie cushion) Channing where Chip felt it was not possible to not run a negative campaign, man that was classic. I truly cannot get enough of these shows, so I hope that gives credence to your opinion of my opinion. Cheers. I can't wait to hear the rest of these.
  6. I'm going to say this, and I hope you understand that what I mean by the worst so far, is that I laughed the least. IDK maybe the 2nd & 6th were tied, I laughed really hard at the "Can you do it while you're on fire" game(Chip was a great name), and really all the games, and I laughed each time he asked someone to take Satan as their savior. This one was hillarious too. But I think you're at a disadvantage being the episode after Don Dimello, which was one of the funniest. So far I would have to rank them like this: 1. Eye on theatre (outrageous) 2. Get fit Now (funniest total ensemble) 3. Travel Bug (IDK maybe this one was better, the pope and Herzog really nailed it) 4. The Wit and Wisdom of Dalton Wilcox (Fuck you vampires) 5. Hail Satan & Shut up and have fun Anyone else agree? BTW if you listened to Andy on Greg Fitzimmons podcast last night, he said that due to popular demand each pilot may have to have a 2nd episode. Really I listen to hours of shit every day at this desk, and nothing has made me laugh more consistently than this show. Maybe its just me and my twisted mind and my UCB theatrephile nature.
  7. Ever heard of the HItler Youth? I'm sorry my favorite part, my wife and I have been repeating it to eachother for 3 days now is his review of the play "Equus," now you got horses and you got naked, OK Fine... I gotta guy that will give you all the horse you fuckin' want.... And you can do whatever you want... They're dead behind the eyes.
  8. I gotta a guy that can get you a horse, and you can do whateeeever you want to them, They're dead behind the eyes.
  9. JackMurray

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Ok so with pitchers and catchers reporting this week, this is Pope John Paul II in 1987 hitting balls in a batting cage while the Catholic PR guy interviews the owner of the batting cage. Amen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ0BbN3m7bU
  10. Ok I was belly laughing so much at so many episodes, but off the top of my head without giving a duplicate, Amy Poehler and the "Are you running end time smush scenarios with my boyfriend?" "Hey Diane, did you do something with your hair?" So funny guys thanks for all of them it's very hard to choose your fav.