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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    http://www.theguardi...ana-call-police The Perfect Youtube submission
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    Vote for the BEST OF improv4humans!

    GOAT Without a doubt episode 130 "4/20 Special"
  3. 173 - Decomposing Corpse TV 189 - Apes Will Fight If We Must 170 - Bring Your Dad In Day 181 - Don't Say Nothin' 190 - Postcoital Mess 184 - 4/20 Special: Clit's Alive
  4. randrewmiller

    Episode 130 — 4/20 Special

    What can I say, that hasn't already been said? Not only is this is the best comedy podcast of all time and space, but it might be the most fun thing I've ever been a party to. I can rewatch episodes of TV shows, rewatch movies, relisten to comedy albums and standup acts, but nothing trumps this. This is the ultimate in entertainment. It makes me feel like I'm part of the show. Simply put, it is unparalleled. From the bottom, sides and top of my heart, thank you Matt Besser and gang! I listen to this thing at least once a week; it makes me happy every single time I hear it.
  5. I love I4H. I listen to it religiously. It's my favorite form of entertainment. Matt Besser is the most underated comedian in the world. However, Matt, I'm begging on bended knee, if you insist on doing the 1/2 music-1/2 comdedy thing, at least get a real band in there. I thought you liked punk music? What's with all the "singer-song writers"? They all sound the same and they all sound like shit. I know the current music scene sucks and has sucked for ages now, but enough with the folk singers. I don't believe someone with your taste in music actually likes this stuff. I think the influence is coming from somewhere else. Please get some real musicians in there or start a separate podcast where you just interview muscians.
  6. My next one word suggestion for this episode would be caterwauling
  7. randrewmiller

    Predestination (2014)

    Predestination: A thoughtless, vile and unforgivable act by the Spierig brothers I watched this piece of trash last night. This movie was made for How Did This Get Made. It is supposed to be heady, but-it-is-not. Just plain stupid. The worst thing? RT gave it a 83% (see attached). Briefly, a time cop (played by Ethan Hawke) takes a job as a bartender and listens to a very fucked up story about a hopeless "girl - man" (more on that in a bit) who "father's - mother's" a son, who we find out turns out to be Ethan Hawke. Oh, and Ethan Hawke has to stop a bomber, but wait! He is the bomber and also the "girl - man". Now the futile attempt at an explanation. The "girl - man" starts off as an orphaned girl, OK so far? Who doesn't love a good 'ole fashioned orphan story? Of course, she has a rotten childhood and early adult life. Eventually, she meets her future self (who is now a man), has sex with "himself - herself" and what do you know? Yes, of course, she has a baby. Someone (surprise! it's Ethan Hawke) steals the baby. GOD ONLY KNOWS WHY. She suffers (yada, yada, yada) and as a lonesome loser goes into a bar to tell her sob story to Ethan Hawke, for like 45 minutes. Then, truly, it is our turn to suffer. Ethan Hawke then enlists her on the spot to join his time cop team, under the guise that she can kill the man who stole here baby. More bullshit than can be explained happens... Finally, we get to where we find out Ethan Hawke is the love child of the "girl - man". Also, that he is also the bomber he's been hunting the whole movie. And also he is the "girl - man", somehow. You know, time travel and all that. I've seen bad movies. I like bad movies. But this is not bad; this is an atrocity. A most heinous sin against nature. And man. And woman. And children. And the art of movie making. And soap. Especially soap. The reason? There's not enough soap in the history of time to clean this mess from my mind. Please, please do this movie!
  8. randrewmiller

    Episode 156 — Frozen Wogurt

    Matt mentioned something about PODMASS and writing a review. Does anyone know more details?
  9. The idea to mix live music with improv is sound. It creates opportunities that might not be there otherwise. However, I usually just fast forward through the music part since I'm generally not interested in the band. I equate it to SNL where the host is usually the least funny thing going on. The host/players format is sort of required, but ultimately only a few hosts are ever any good at live sketch comedy and the burden of funny falls to the players. I'd listen to Matt B. and crew do just about anything so I can't go negative about these improv 4 humans episodes.