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    HDTGM?-like Podcasts

    I host a podcast called BROCAST and the last week of every month, we release an episode called "BROcast Presents" Movie Night: We've Made a Huge Mistake! We did 'LOL' back in January and had a lot of fun with it. Other movies we have tackled include: ED, Gangland, Rock of Ages, The Last Stand, Speed Racer, So Undercover (Miley Cyrus is a PI who works for the FBI), Dr. Giggles, Sharknado 2, and next week we are doing 2005's Stealth. If you are interested, check us out on iTunes, YouTube, all podcast apps and at www.BROcastPodcast.com
  2. TopherMcCann

    Curse Of Chucky

    Dum dums! It is garbage. Period.
  3. TopherMcCann

    Curse Of Chucky

    Ha! The dialogue of special guest cameo in the post credit scene is the worst phone conversation dialogue ever written and performed ever.
  4. TopherMcCann

    Curse Of Chucky

    It was horrendous
  5. TopherMcCann

    Curse Of Chucky

    In this striaight to blu-ray/dvd sequel, a 2 foot doll Chucky's mission is to kill a woman in a wheelchair in a dark house. The movie also tries to tie all the other Child's Play movies together with this one. Terrible acting and dialogue. Pure Garbage. I really said to myself not even 25 minutes in...How Did This Get Made!!!!!
  6. TopherMcCann


    Agree...This movie was ridiculous. Watched it on Netflix the other day. It features an ATM aquarium basically at one point!
  7. TopherMcCann

    Deep Blue Sea

    No explanation really needed