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  1. IanLaser

    Character Drawings

    It's Damien! Love this guy.
  2. IanLaser

    Character Drawings

    Thanks dude! Yeah I have a tumblr that I post some what frequently to: ianoncedid.tumblr.com. Checked out your tumblr, awesome stuff!
  3. IanLaser

    Character Drawings

    Here's my version El Ryan with spirit bear. I was going for a hippie/shaman look with dreadlocks, crystals and bad tattoos. Not sure what an elvish wang looks like so I kept it obscure...
  4. IanLaser

    Character Drawings

    Here's my interpretation.
  5. IanLaser

    Character Drawings

    Hey all, I've really been digging the drawings so far, would love to contribute my interpretation of these characters. Can somebody explain how to post images? I've tried sharing with both flickr and imgur, and no dice. Any advice is much appreciated!