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    My tea has gone cold but my hair looks fantastic.
  1. Sorry for spilling my gin & tonic all down your denim jacket, Samantha.
  2. Long time Chartist, first time ... suggester? Heck of a lot of relatively unknown talent on this great emerald isle. This is my top 5 and I would not be surprised if you start to see one or two popping up in your regular charts soon so I thought the great Wee-Wee and the beautiful Kuku would appreciate the heads up! 5. Future Phantoms - Until I See The Sun http://youtu.be/0f81wVgnHVA 4. Half Of Me - Cornelia 3. Otherkin - '89 http://youtu.be/8oEMmY3TMYk 2. Gavin James - Lucky http://youtu.be/0f81wVgnHVA 1. Raglans - Diggin Holes P.S I would like to thank Howie for his inspired segmented approach to heavy hitting cinema. It has cured my falling asleep just as it begins to get interesting.
  3. An honest mans reaction to a badly drawn ape in an otherwise friendly game of family time Easter Pictionary.
  4. Welp Erin, your new apartment is pretty far from everything but at least its in a shitty dangerous neighborhood.
  5. "Siri, gimme a time stamp for the stripping scene in True Lies."
  6. 5318008

    Thank you ...

    Thank you GrantOhMy for that wonderful Catchphrase Suggestion, I, Scott Aukerman, must remember to mail you that big box of money I owe you - heeeeeey wait a minute ....
  7. My girlfriend wondered why the cat ran away when she looked at it, I said "Well what d'ya expect baby doll, it seen a dog!" *ba dum dish*
  8. Don't let those jean shorts fool you. I'll have you know I grew up to be very bad at sports.
  9. Brought to you by the poor poor souls of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Christian Association of America.
  10. Its like my uncle George always told me "If you don't listen to Cat Stevens then get the fuck out of this house."
  11. "No no Erin, her legs are fine but the other girls legs make hers look like garbage."