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    When is Brett Gelman going to be back on the show?
  2. OcterDoctopus

    Episode 250 - The Doughboys, Our Shrimp-off Friends

    Some numbers: Patreon started in Feb 2017 Facebook likes close to 4,000 18 months times at $200 per Facebook like equals $14,400,000 So its safe to assume that Mitch is paying himself $600,000 every month. I've run these several times and it all works out so no need for anyone else to fact check.
  3. OcterDoctopus

    Episode 249 - Guy Branum, Our Close Friend

    Next week's episode 250 seems like a milestone number. Next week's Brett Gelman seems like a milestone guest.
  4. OcterDoctopus

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    They wouldn't have bombed so hard if they brought back the Popcorn Gallery
  5. I'm da captain Sully now
  6. Sorry I've been missing from the forums the past few months. I didn't have a picture of my dad I could post, plus I ended up landing a role in a movie. Since its out now, I guess I'm able to talk about it. I'm in SULLY! I played one of the plane engines. No spoilers, but I share a scene with a bird. Here's my line: "VRRRRRRRRR--KRANGGGG--cough cough nope didn't like the taste a that, deuces I'm out fam"
  7. Goodbye, Hollywood Handbook. Would've been nice if you could've got Brett Gelman involved, but hey, people don't usually see that I was right all along until its way too late.
  8. Hey Popcorn Gallery, Sean is back from his time away and he brought back Steve Little from Eastbound & Down and The Grinder. He will answer all of your questions. All of them.
  9. From TMZ.com: Best Podcast - Gelmania Runner-up - Hollywood Handbook
  10. Erin, in the original Jurassic Park movie one of the computer geeks was played by Samuel L Jackson. Now one of your Wild Horses buddies, Lauren Lapkus, is playing a computer geek in Jurassic World. What sort of character notes did you offer her for this role?
  11. I have it on good authority that he'll be on the show SOON. The upcoming order is Frankie Muniz, then Max Greenfield, then Brett Gelman. Trust.
  12. OcterDoctopus

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Brett Gelman waited until the very last episode to appear on Mad Men. Here is a ranking of his outfits, in order of awesome: 1. Red thing 2. Bare ass nekkid 3. Russian submariner
  13. OcterDoctopus

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    I used to be really into Hollywood Handbook and its still pretty good sometimes. Its still no Gelmania
  14. OcterDoctopus

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Every Australian has an equal and opposite Australian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl6K8ai5J9s
  15. Marry, how upset were you when NBC greenlit Amy Poehler's brother's show Welcome to Sweden just as you were getting ready to pitch your show, Welcome to Holland?
  16. Hey Popcorn Gallery once you're done with all the forum drama Hayes and Sean want you to submit questions for their close friend, Brett Erlich
  17. OcterDoctopus

    Episode 68 — Erin Gibson, Our Close Friend

    Besty, everyone knows you have a rocky working relationship with JJ Abrahams. So much so that you recently tweeted, "My favorite Star Wars porn is Episode Cum: The Fucked-our Men-ass" Which episodes come before or after Episode Cum?
  18. OcterDoctopus

    Episode 68 — Erin Gibson, Our Close Friend

    Maribeth Monroe. The popcoooooooorn gallery, oh yeah.
  19. OcterDoctopus

    Episode 67 — Jes Macallan, Our Close Friend

    Mr Schmidt, you recently retweeted: "My favorite part of The Imitation Game was when all the nerds said, 'Bazinga!'" Who exactly were you taking a swipe at with that?
  20. OcterDoctopus

    Episode 67 — Jes Macallan, Our Close Friend

    Mr. Schmidt from The News Girl is going to be on the show tomorrow. All the Popcorn Gallery questions will be answered.
  21. OcterDoctopus

    Episode 67 — Jes Macallan, Our Close Friend

    You should check this out if you really want to take it to the next creeper level http://blog.ioactive.com/2014/05/glass-reflections-in-pictures-osint.html
  22. OcterDoctopus

    Episode 67 — Jes Macallan, Our Close Friend

    It was so nice when they gave us the chance to do the Popcorn Gallery again. But then Hayes took my Charlie Hebdo question for himself and tried to impress Jes with it. What else can you expect? He has a red beard.