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    Hey, Matt Besser. I made a Squarespace site. http://squeakandsquawk.com/ It's a website for my five-day independent music festival in Tacoma, WA. Planning this festival has nearly killed me, but finally launching the website gave me chills. Seeing your work laid out on a page really makes all of the dealing-with-artists-and-managers-and-dumb-fees-you-never-knew-about stuff seem totally worth it. The only thing better than having proof of your thing is actually doing your thing, which will happen between September 12th and 16th. By the way, Improv4Humans is a delightful podcast, and it's eminently unpredictable, especially given its format as an improv podcast. You make each episode a new experience, whether it be railing against Mississippi or taking down some right wing Del Close conspiracy theorist. Your passion separates you from other improv podcasts, and I thank you. Anyhoo, Adam.