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    Episode 508 - Beach Cheese

    The concept of "whipping it out" is euphemistic for showing interest? I knew I had to have been doing it right all along.
  2. It takes 3-2-1 to know one; knows no-one.
  3. Great ep! And killer cast! McLaughlin makes a return while Gabrus steals the show. And Wengert, well, he continues to be one of the best regulars on the best podcast. On a titular (or eponymous as Aukerman would say) note, the modern rule of passwords is that if you can remember them, they're not secure enough. try 1Password or some other functionally similar password manager. Makes it easy to change a few passwords any time a new security breach/leak/flaw occurs. The hardest part I encounter is generating a password that's NOT too complex for the site you're registering with.
  4. A resounding YES! Holy shit, what a bunch of ignorant ironic bigotry that show is. I wish i didn't know it wasn't satire.
  5. MrKlorox

    EPISODE 197 — Summer Stache

    That poor woman forced to live next to a subhuman bully like that just makes me sad. What an abusive piece of shit.
  6. MrKlorox


    I think eXistenZ would absolutely qualify, if the watcher had any clue how the videogame industry actually works.