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  1. skizelo

    Episode 194 - The I Was There Me Too Show

    I really liked the disappointed sigh after the engie said "pranks" like it's fucking 2014 or something.
  2. skizelo

    Episode 183 - Employee Reviews, Our Useful Tool

    I need to properly formulate my opinions on the episode proper, but I've got to commend the market research people who tagged a Hollywood Handbook ad onto the end of a Hollywood Handbook episode. That's the sort of taste-calibration that ensures you deliver advertise to people who might enjoy the product, though the actual content of the ad does raise some paradoxes. I'm jsut kidding, it's kind of you to play some more The Boy's content, because I'd easily have might have missed it otherwise.
  3. skizelo

    Episode 181 - Carl Tart, Our Close Friend

    carl tart more like carl sweet because he played along w/ the boys really nicely on their prank show. just doing some classic forums "name of the guest" humour
  4. skizelo

    Episode 181 - Carl Tart, Our Close Friend

    I've been meaning to say this for a bit but the boy's have been releasing a string of great eps recently.
  5. anyway, about the rest of the show, love joegert, love sean, love Brett's apartment.... good show!
  6. Gil Thorpe's a comic strip about football Hayes. Well, he's a high-school gym teacher, he also does baseball
  7. skizelo

    Episode 167 - Ben Rodgers, Our Boo 2016 Friend

    I dunno maybe you should be posting this in the best show forum.
  8. Before the new show drops and it becomes passé to post in thsi thread, I'd like to say: you call those guys "normal"?
  9. Working together to get the epi-thread to Hot status
  10. Hi guys, just popping in to say that I saw this on twitter, it made me think of the boys for some reason K, see you soon, love you bye!
  11. AP brings the tension once again. e: and Dana, in the ads!
  12. can someone give me a precise timestamp hayes calls into tbs tia
  13. I've known of, an dliked what I heard from, Karp for a bit but I've never listened to GUOT because I am not a "cool guy" and every thing it seems they'd tell the guest (and the audiance) to GUO I'd just have no interest. But having the gumption to pick up the phone and say "hey boys, I heard you on the show, you kinda hurt my feelings but a stranger's just a friend you haven't met" and hand in a very likable, funny guestspot on the show, I might have to check out a few eps. Someone once said on another fourm dedicated to HH that guests sometimes get locked into the straightman out of defensiveness, and that might have happened here, but still he held his own, nobody's going to be saying how quiet he got in a fortnight, or nothing. Also, some good Brett work this ep, gonna say "you're starting to get good" (callback)
  14. it's fucked-up but more people listen to the p-cast than post on the forums, like, ten or twenty at the least.
  15. Any HH completists can't afford to miss this week's doughboys where they briefly talk about Hayes, Sean.
  16. You bet I let out a heart aroo when the boys asked that famous question, "why today." Also I guess I know why Hayes yells so loudly at Kevin, the guy just plum forgot to show up today! I need to know what Keith & Jesse look like loling!
  17. There was a PCG Q SESH? and I MISSED IT? Anyway 30 minutes left they've not said why today? Comedy is surprise! Or too scary yet, I'll let you know. e: they didn't call SNL Weekend Live but I guess that's not really a historical bit but still one I really like and will want them to do years after they're sick of it. e2: Chanson, get a friggin av... you've got 2 thousand posts, it's not dignified...
  18. Brett was really giving the boys the business this ep.
  19. Hey, Keeb: thank you for your service... of posting in the forums. Bait and switched!
  20. On the last season of the bachelorette it was a plot point that aaron rodgers is estranged from his brother, jordan rodgers. It came up because the latter was a contestant who went on to win the show. The show may have moved on, but Sean is still a hardcore reality show nut
  21. there's going to be so much egg on greggy's face when sean does whooch in full HH character and really responds positively to the broken english Qs that he's going to have to change his name to eggy.
  22. happy birthday to the silver worm.
  23. I had a thought: what if the boys wanted to take their "biting the hand that feeds" style into a political direction which is very in at earwolf at the moment. They could get an impersonator and call him Scripsald Trump and have him say "we're going to build a big beautiful paywall".
  24. No one changed their handle to firstname brogmord/brogmorg/brogmork lastname yet? you can probably personalise firstname if you want.
  25. I gave an audible eyyy when I saw the guest because I know how highly Howie (the Kre-fish) thinks of the boys and thought his and their styles would really gel. So far (50 minutes in) I was right.