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  1. the gravy on top of my icecream sundae
  2. though you better believe I popped for the RSS refs
  3. Sean was definitely dancing around it but nobody said that monkeys will work for peanuts, so I'm knocking a star off. Sorry boys.
  4. Most brains are sentient.
  5. Imagine if that series had run and run and they started calling them like "Yet another 48 hours" "2 days again you guys" "49 hours... just kidding!"
  6. If you had asked me to provide a popcorn gallery q I would have asked her what her favourite 80s action tv show was and if it's horgan's heroes.
  7. Did the Lawrence ep get a lot of press or something? e: whoever it was has apparently abandoned their gimmick, so it's mine now great first post
  8. I've listened to this 3 times by now and the first time I was kinda down on it. I mean, I liked it, I love Sean and I love chriss, but Chris was saying it's a bad show all the time and it ended on a real high-note w/ the Mike Lawrence break, and I was feeling "man, I wish Sean set aside his insecurities just to have fun w/ an old friend", but I relistened and it's a real great ep of the show. I love the silence between Sean talking about Don't Think Twice's title and Chris' no comment is a+. What else did I like... Cody did well too.
  9. Sean if you need a popcorn gallery q ask them about the wood chuck chucking wood, and don't let up til you get an answer!
  10. I liked Andy's very real total ignorance of the show, and Sean being real about the hotel room. Hayes you were good too, just nothing comes to mind that I can say I liked other than your whole thing.
  11. skizelo

    Survivor MEGATHREAD

    the only media i ingest is podcasts (following the bachelorette through rose buddies) so no but I have heard their CBB appearance.
  12. I don't recall this what epi #?
  13. skizelo

    Survivor MEGATHREAD

    This is not Survivor related but i'm in a bachelorette league and got flashbacks about the RSS, esp that epi about the time a contestent really didn't like the bachelorette but did like being on television so dropped out after getting to the semifinal.
  14. How long did you try to pry that goddamned beer can (or possibly energy drink) out of his hand before you gave up and let him have his way.
  15. WHo are the two whiteshirts in the background though
  16. I wasn't able to really follow along this ep, I'll give it a relisten at 1/2 speed and let you know how it goes.
  17. Great ep. Alison was a lot of fun and just got the boys insantly. In the pre-guest seggy though, Sean gobbed Haye's foot and pealed his scalp back but Hayes... just asked Sean a few qs... how about some reciprocity. e: looking at the pics... were you recording after spont? you've got to turn those lights up, you're going to get eye-strain!
  18. Why are you being so hashtag serious?
  19. This week's Ehhn wrong segment really shows why Clements is the terror of the UCBLA Improv scene. What the photos don't capture was he was hulking out and his hair was standing up to make him seem bigger. Annaliese was real good too. I'm a total sap for musical instruments (Michael Cronin, that ep in Brett's house... every I4H) but I think that even if that wasn't in the mix she'd have been a great guest.
  20. Whoah... what'd he say??
  21. More like because they're a couple of real boobs. e: i've been meaning to post this when it's Hayes doing the ads and I keep forgetting: "Guess it really does Hayes to advertise..."
  22. I relistened today and changed my mind, Mike can just eat shit. I retract calling him slugger. I'm listening to the Cody bootcamp/school thing and catching things I missed last week, like the hot goss on Cody's Venmo habits.
  23. Great ep, first off, liked the preguest seg because I find expensive shoes funny and so am a really soft target for all that, AND agreed with Hayes and the inverse of Sean's remarks on Hail Ceaser and Midnight Special respectively. I was a bit worried when Sean threw to the guest-seg because I don't like conflict and will never relisten to the Pauly Shore or the Adam Pally ep even though the latter was probably just joking, but Mike didn't really kick off just sulked. I thought it'd be bad in the opening moments when he was really low energy and a proud nerd and he tried to one-up... was it Hayes? about who's read the most comics, but by setting the questions as a proxy antagonist allowed the boys and mike to be pretty collegiate and still have a really strong arc or just downward progression in the ep. Also Mike was speculating how his large size would give him the edge on a mortal struggle against the boys at the end of like, 40 minutes, while on the Hollywood Handbooks the podcast's forum's favourite podcast Doughboys, Mike "the Spoonman" Mitchell lasted like, 35 hour and a half long episodes. A quick bit of math puts the boys together at around 80 wigers (the unit of being annoying). Do we still talk about the Doughboys a lot? Not really been keeping up. e: not sure if I should leave a comment for Mike to read here or on the reddit but don't be so down on yourself slugger, you're doing great. Writing for Schumer? that's huge!