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  1. Another good ep, Cody's not keeping up w/ Brett in terms of not eating shit, but he didn't have a soundboard to fumble on. Always good to hear Tomy Scharp too.
  2. Boys, you've got to start shaving again if you're going to be giving testimonials to Harry's every week. This ep was just an excuse for Sean to show off his chops, right? The boy's got some pipes. 1) she apparently had had a shocker of a day 2) I guess she smartened up for the couch-pics, nothing in studio. e: savage burns on Scotterman's understanding of Bart Simpson in one of the ads.
  3. I'm glad Kulap is true to her word and bringing up the snubbage w/ the podcasting world's leading lights.
  4. I listened to it again and really paid attention I just don't have the knowlede base to know when they're saying something's good but it's bad, As far as I know, they really do all think that. Also Berny described a coach-figure as being "predominantly white" and while I know he means that coaches, in general, are white, it sounds like this one particular coach has like, a black grandfather or something. Good to have the story of Sean's relationship w/ Christ continuing to develop.
  5. Opening segment is great, Brett's really getting some strong improv chops, I need to relisten to the guest seg. I like Brandon a lot, but I don't know anything about baasketball so I kind of tune out. Also Hayes is rocking the full genius programmer cut out from the money/serial killer being giving an interview in jail http://www.earwolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/IMG_0895.jpg e: on Austin Powers... I've never really seen the original but I saw goldmember in the cinema on first release and it wasn't great.
  6. You wan't it to come from Scrips?
  7. What's best, when Sean manages to crack up Tom or when he gets him mad?
  8. Great character work on the couch photo Sean. Really good episode, Kulap's always great fun and the boys come up w/ a really strong segment for her. e: oh boy, and the post-show ad is for NNF's donationdrive and he read off a huge list of guests and none of em were Sean OR Hayes. Could that even be accidental at this point?
  9. skizelo

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    What I want to know is why do H+S play so well to the Swedes?
  10. skizelo

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Clemdawg, the middle host Not Hayes not Brett
  11. skizelo

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    It's like getting into a relationship with a girl you know is about to die. Great ep, Hayes really gave it his all as Deadpool, enjoyed the glass odyssey.
  12. I got it all and im hoarding it
  13. Dont stop or we'll die, or as Paul Rust calls it, Bass practice. "I've not heard so much laughter in a HH episode since Scharpling schamed Hayes about his laugh"
  14. Maria really enjoyed being on the show this week, good epi.
  15. whatever happened to that french film the boys were in. is there a french newsclip about the "podcast boom" w/ sweet footage of two friends having fun.
  16. Sean putting the earworlf forums onblast, or maybe giving them a hearty reccomendation. And you can't discuss a trebuchet w/out saying the word counterweight. Good ep, I liked the guest's voice.
  17. Aw yes, the boys are back in the same town. Also, all this talk about fancy Sodas will really make Chris Gethard sad, if he's a regular listener. e: Sean's really making the "meander after the podcast's end" space his own!
  18. I watched the TCGS show as well... This is a good ep, cheers to them. Though, Hayes, c'mon, off the air... which of the Big Lake writers came up with all the asian jokes?
  19. skizelo

    Episode 117 - Devin Field, Our Pet Project

    Every time I check this forum there's a lot of posts about crows and no posts about Hayes and Sean's funny show!
  20. Missing a week... is this even a show anymore?
  21. I'd take that poem off yr hands if you want to strip him of it.
  22. to me, the best part of a women is the whole.
  23. It's called BB8 because that's 3 balls sitting on top of 3 other balls, much like the droid itself.
  24. You should look into it. Bazinga.