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  1. It's good that Whoch have managed to get the numbers up to make it worth the boy's while to do their show to allow Kulap and Howie to fan out.
  2. If you mean, like, included in the set of "forum posting", then yeah sure.
  3. skizelo

    Who is your HH dream guest?

    Sean's mom phoned into The GIlmore Guys after his epi.
  4. This technology is supposed to be bringing us together, and is in fact doing just that! We're addicted to our screens because they're so good!
  5. If the Scharpling-precedent holds true, this means Julie will make a repeat appearance a month from now and I will get to ask her what's her favourite police procedual, and if it's The Closener
  6. Hey, uh... could we get a "dislike" button over here?
  7. Congrats boys on delivering another great ep.
  8. huh, no PCG q, so... who is the guest?? I'm closing my eyes, head surrounded by crystals tuned into the studio... it's... Mike Still?
  9. Sean Cold Clemdawgsten: "Can I get a mmmmyes" then a capacity crowd stadium all go "mmmmyes". e: offering enginier cody a green smoothie... Cody don't take that smoothie!
  10. Maybe they weren't downvoting because they don't think Hayes is handsome (which would be majorly fucked-up) but because they think Hayes shouldn't be objectified... thoughts?
  11. An episode of HH should have a secret bonus track (hidden after 10 minutes of Earwolf-ads) where Sean talks about the various cats he's seen in his most sincere voice. This was a very good epi,
  12. Was it the violence, the gunguns... what?
  13. Happy birthday to you and Mr. Rost
  14. Congratulations to Sean for navigating that fishing story despite some brutal cross-interrogation by Hayes. Cody did well too. Ryan "seemed game" too (he puckered his nose?) but he's not yet ready with the mic. Patrick Walsh? Well, what is there to say but wowza, what a guest!
  15. skizelo

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    sharp corners
  16. skizelo

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    I'm going to have to assume it's one of the enginiers Fold that buster over and get yourself a calkoan
  17. skizelo

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    I listened to the Nick Wiger HH epi and when Sean broached the q of what's better, Doritos or Tostitos, Nick demurred because he didn't want to make this "a multi-episode podcast"... are we seeing the inception of The Dough Boys (feral audio)? When will at least Sean guest on to talk about... uh, KFC idk.
  18. skizelo

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    Just remembered another joke from the show and a way to change it: "Andy, Veebs?" No
  19. skizelo

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    Not yet got to the guest seggy but I have to say, where these ads recorded on... a tin can?
  20. I psyched myself up enough to listen to the zoe jarman lapkast, and LL dropped a "speak on that" - is it the upandcoming catchphrase on everyone's lips? Buddy, you don't smell said things. you hear them.
  21. I'm listening to the zoe jarman epi to prepare for the WSGLL Jarman epi, and you know, she seemed nice.
  22. hashtag whining nice prof-dad
  23. I think an antagonistic energy works really well in the guest segment, and Scharpling can really deliver that. I can't remember what the pre-guest... oh, it was Sean struggling to switch politics w/ hollywood - we're all rooting for you Sean! Also lol that the earwolf studios are now perpetually in twilight now. Uh, candlelight is for romantic dinners guys, you need high-watt flourescent for comedy! It's such a shame that there was no PCG this week, this would have been a sure shoe-in.