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  1. I need to properly formulate my opinions on the episode proper, but I've got to commend the market research people who tagged a Hollywood Handbook ad onto the end of a Hollywood Handbook episode. That's the sort of taste-calibration that ensures you deliver advertise to people who might enjoy the product, though the actual content of the ad does raise some paradoxes.

    I'm jsut kidding, it's kind of you to play some more The Boy's content, because I'd easily have might have missed it otherwise.

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  2. Finished the episode. My final comment is :


    "Remember that time I got through to The Best Show, tried to communicate with you in the same veiled insider language you all use most of the time, and was almost immedietely hung up on before any information exchange could actually occur? Funny stuff right?"




    I dunno maybe you should be posting this in the best show forum.

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  3. I've known of, an dliked what I heard from, Karp for a bit but I've never listened to GUOT because I am not a "cool guy" and every thing it seems they'd tell the guest (and the audiance) to GUO I'd just have no interest. But having the gumption to pick up the phone and say "hey boys, I heard you on the show, you kinda hurt my feelings but a stranger's just a friend you haven't met" and hand in a very likable, funny guestspot on the show, I might have to check out a few eps. Someone once said on another fourm dedicated to HH that guests sometimes get locked into the straightman out of defensiveness, and that might have happened here, but still he held his own, nobody's going to be saying how quiet he got in a fortnight, or nothing.

    Also, some good Brett work this ep, gonna say "you're starting to get good" (callback)

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  4. There was a PCG Q SESH? and I MISSED IT?

    Anyway 30 minutes left they've not said why today? Comedy is surprise! Or too scary yet, I'll let you know.

    e: they didn't call SNL Weekend Live but I guess that's not really a historical bit but still one I really like and will want them to do years after they're sick of it.

    e2: Chanson, get a friggin av... you've got 2 thousand posts, it's not dignified...

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  5. what's this about aaron rodgers not talking to his brother?


    On the last season of the bachelorette it was a plot point that aaron rodgers is estranged from his brother, jordan rodgers. It came up because the latter was a contestant who went on to win the show. The show may have moved on, but Sean is still a hardcore reality show nut

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