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  1. The Live show 100% made it worth it. There was a definite "connection" with the audience because of a shared hatred that we all had to watch it. I can't remember how often in PREVIOUS episodes it happened but several times here the audience just let out a chorus of "booooooo"s. People were SEETHING over this movie. I think if the movie had just been mediocre it would have been 'whatever'. The movie genuinely pissed everyone off and the hosts completely played off that. I think knowing that's NOT in fact a student film and a "family project/series" is absolutely SHOCKING and is acceptable for being a punching bag.
  2. Neil Breen is a special kind of filmmaker. Similar to The Room/Tommy Wisseau. This movie was pure torture. It was just so... inept. There are probably 100 adjectives to describe it. Just amateurish. Easily, easily easily, the worst movie they have ever done. No redeeming qualities. It felt like a high school movie, but even then I know teenagers can do better than this.
  3. Quarky

    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    I can usually find these things online. I own the DVD, and there is a "deleted scene" where it's clearly an outtake where Donnie Wahlberg breaks character. It's pretty great. Someone has to post it/find it. My favourite part about this movie is that if you start to hate it, just wait 40 minutes and it becomes a different movie.
  4. Quarky

    The Last American Virgin (1982)

    Finally got around to watching this. Of all the "teen comedies" - I think this one is perfect for the show. It has the perfect ingredients for a great episode - and an ending so UNCLICHE it will have everyone talking.
  5. Quarky


    Just watched it. I can't be the only one who thought that she was going to wind up with Jeremy? This has to be one of the most inconsequential movies I've ever seen. Did Emily learn a lesson from attempting to hook up with her teacher? Does Lola face backlash from her parents? Does Kyle face backlash from his best friend for being with Lola? The answer to all these questions is no.
  6. Quarky

    Blank Check (1994)

    I don't know how you guys didn't mention the absolute insane PEDOPHILE subplot. Where unlike most kids movies where the love interest is age appropriate - we have a kid (10 years old), and an FBI agent (let's say 27 and that's being generous). Now sure they go on a "date" and for most part it's the kid being blind and oblivious- but at the end- she DOES KISS HIM. And they agree to meet up in 6 years!? So she'll be 33 and he'll be 16. The problem is that it doesn't come off as creepy as it should be for two reasons. 1. Any scene where they "talk"- they are the only ones in the scene. If anyone witnessed how either of them acted- they would be called out to stop being idiots. Or in her case a pedophile. 2. It wouldn't be as bad as if the genders were reversed. Imagine if it was a "male" FBI agent saying "meet me in 6 years" -- TO A 10 YEAR OLD GIRL! HOLY- FUCKING- SHIT!
  7. This picture is interesting because I think it's the only shot where every major character is on screen at the same time.
  8. Quarky

    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    I saw that too. He definitely seems like the type who would love to be on the show.
  9. Three things: 1. Paul and the gang were right- Why did they even need Rip to be on the network when they were already number 1. If they were struggling so much- how could they afford to give Zeus $100 000 two weeks in a row. Also, June's confusion about the last fight being a "battle of the tough guys" is because the first fight took place in a bar. The second fight took place in a steel mill. And then,... it takes place in a ring? With a ref? And the same location as Rip's network? 2. Can't believe you guys failed to mention the awesome theme song that closed out the movie. -- it's right up there with WInner Takes it All, and Meet Me Halfway. 3. I think Zeus' eye/eye brow come from a burn injury in a back story. Possibly from a lightning bolt? (ZEUS!)
  10. I think it depends on the tattoo. If you have barbed wire/skull or something on your face and neck, it's not THAT bad to make a generalization about that person.
  11. It's honestly become the highlight to my Mondays. It's become a ritual to listen to it on my way to work.
  12. Quarky

    3 Ninjas (1992)

    According to IMDB: "In the original international version, the boys lost the basketball challenge, and a scene was at the end of the movie to tidy up loose ends. "
  13. Quarky

    3 Ninjas (1992)

    The Ninjas gave the bullies a nine-point lead. This movie really needs to be done. You know a movie is a good when 3 minor characters could have had their own movie/side adventure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooQt2mfMVHY First we feast. Then we felony. Also is that first use of "za" in pop culture?
  14. Quarky

    Episode 80 β€” Jack Frost: LIVE!

    Easily one of the best podcasts, Dan Harmon has to come back.
  15. Quarky

    Southland Tales (2006)

    When Donnie Darko became a hit, they let Richard Kelly do whatever he wanted. He did this (and then The Box - which could also be done). He was given free reign and he had also done a prequel comic series for people to watch before the movie. It's mind boggling the amount of work he put in. These are always the best failures:: The passion projects. Right up there with Toys and Hudson Hawk.