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    Roll for Vinitiative.
  2. AnimatedBeaver

    no new episode?

    Well, damn :\ Hopefully next week~!
  3. AnimatedBeaver

    Gary's Tips

    I've been wanting to try DM'ing for awhile. Been slow to engage because it feels to me like a steep mountain to climb (plus, y'know, full-time work and freelance and stuff), but posts like these drop a paved road across it. Great insights we can all take to the table; much appreciated, Gary! Must've taken you ages to build this post.
  4. AnimatedBeaver

    no new episode?

    Pretty early in the day; snafu's happen. Give it time.
  5. AnimatedBeaver

    Character Drawings

    Wish I had more time to polish this up further, but free-time's pretty short these days. (Fair warning, for the same reason y'all probably shouldn't expect to see much from me this week :\ ) Awesome, bizarre outcome! Poor Lyra, though; can't even get a proper burial Will pour out a 5-Hour Energy for her.
  6. AnimatedBeaver

    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    Welcome to the boards and to D&D, Hairy! Nerd Poker was my intro, too -- had never played a tabletop RPG in my life 'til the year before last, but when I started listening to this show they made it sound like so much fun I had to check it out. I now have awesome D&D game-days, inspiration for artwork and a couple'a new friends, so thanks, Brian & Friends!
  7. AnimatedBeaver

    Character Drawings

    I appreciate it, guys! Looking forward to seein' what happens tomorrow!
  8. AnimatedBeaver

    Character Drawings

  9. AnimatedBeaver

    Nerdy Project I just completed

    Looks sweet; nicely done! Let the good times roll
  10. AnimatedBeaver

    Character Drawings

    I'd glad y'all dug the last one! I cooked this up after I finished work today. I'll see if I can plug him into an environment at some point during the week, if time allows.
  11. AnimatedBeaver

    Hit Points and Leveling Up

    Above and beyond, dude
  12. AnimatedBeaver

    Episode 110 — Clown Dog

    Sensei -- really, tobacco PSAs? I've never, ever gotten those :\ Dunno what to tell ya, but it sounds like your problem is more to do with your podcatching service. I use iTunes -- I could suggest givin' that a try. What if it turns out the blue guys are Smurfs, and the heroes are in fact really, reeeeeeeaaallly tiny? I'd rank that twist three out of five Shyamalans.
  13. AnimatedBeaver

    Character Drawings

    I still haven't heard from the dude who made the music track (and truthfully don't expect to; his last upload was over a year ago, so he may've moved elsewhere), but I just finished cookin' this up. You could always play the two in tandem, I guess
  14. AnimatedBeaver

    5th Edition DnD

    I studied up on 4e a fair bit, but then when the time came for me to actually play D&D for the first time it was a 5e campaign. I'm now playing two campaigns -- In one I'm a gnome illusionist, and in the other a human barbarian. There was a lot to re-learn, and I still try to do stuff from time to time thinking it'll work the way I've always heard it done on various podcasts, but we've been enjoying 5e. A lot of the number-crunching is more streamlined and I like that its mechanics actively push character development and roleplay. I'm constantly flipping around the PHB and fumbling over rules and not knowing what to do, but I think that's just me being a newbie -- The guys in the group who were already D&D vets seem pretty comfortable. Also, as a fan of design and artwork I love the handbooks. Several of my favorite illustrators have pieces in there, and every time I flip through it I feel inspired to get good enough to submit to 6E years from now. Couldn't be happier with the production design.
  15. AnimatedBeaver

    Character Drawings

    I do -- You can find me @ArtByBeaver. (I'm also on Blogspot, Tumblr and Instagram )
  16. AnimatedBeaver

    Episode 109 — Is There A Dingy?

    'My friends, we have run very far from these red giants. We've been in pursuit. We are no longer in their home territory. I say if they want to come for us, let them come! Let us not run and be afraid! Let us stab them in their crimson taints and let flow forth the blood of a dumbass giant who dared follow us when we have the purest of frost and blades!" This scene was pretty wonderful
  17. AnimatedBeaver

    Character Drawings

    Dan, I can ask the dude who made the audio-track if he's cool with it
  18. AnimatedBeaver

    Character Drawings

    Just thought it'd be fun to go a bit old-school
  19. That's awesome, man! Small world, indeed
  20. AnimatedBeaver

    How did you start listening to Nerd Poker?

    I'd been curious about D&D for a couple of years, but never had the chance to play and didn't really have an 'in'. I was getting a bit bored with my slate of podcasts and it might have been my roommate or a coworker who told me about Nerd Poker, so I checked it out. Glad I did! I learned a little about D&D, got curious enough to follow the rabbit-hole further, and have had fun listening to the story Plinko-game its way ever further into weirdness with these guys.
  21. AnimatedBeaver

    Episode 96 — Sweet Potatoes

    My God this was a great episode Can't wait to hear the next part!
  22. AnimatedBeaver

    is it itunes or is it me? last ep #91

    It might be something with your settings :\ I use iTunes on PC, and it's keeping up with episodes just fine.
  23. AnimatedBeaver

    Episode 93 — Eye of the River of Ants

    There's been some kind of magic in the air of that studio for the last several episodes! Special shout-outs to Dan and Dave for rockin' it as guests, but the show's been amazing all around
  24. AnimatedBeaver

    Your characters!

    I just played my first game of D&D last weekend! My character's a Lv1 Wood-Gnome illusionist named Gimble Garrick (short-form; his entire name fills four lines of the background of my character sheet). When last we saw our heroes he'd been tied to a rope to swim into a hole just large enough for him alone. Unfortunately he became the world's most well-educated fishing bait -- got grabbed by a fish-man, pulled away from the heroes holding the rope and popped into a cage. Uh-oh! Will he find a way to escape before he becomes fish-food? Tune in next week!
  25. AnimatedBeaver

    Character Drawings