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    Silver Bullet (1985)

    It's Ed from Twin Peaks!
  2. Toronado

    Demon Cop

    Is Cameron Mitchell the poor man's Albert Finney or what?
  3. Toronado

    Fist of the North Star!

    Available on Netflix, P.S. MST3K fans will recognize an early cameo by David "Shark" Fralick, the coked-up antagonist from Soultaker.
  4. This movie has it all: terrible acting, writing AND editing! Based on the already-crazy manga series, it stars Gary Daniels as a wannabe Chuck Norris, Malcolm McDowell as his levitating karate master father, Costas Mandylor as a prettyboy warlord, Chris Penn and Clint Howard as Mad Max-style psychos, Mario Van Peebles and Downtown Julie Brown as freedom fighters, and Dante Basco. That's right, Rufio is in this movie! His character is named Bat, but he basically reprises his role as Rufio for this craziness (Spoiler alert: he has almost the exact same death scene as he does in Hook). It features random slo-mo, talking skeletons, people literally punching holes in each other, and a LOT of leather costumes! I can't emphasize enough how hilariously bad this movie is. Do yourself a favor and experience this gem!