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  1. I vote for case closed and the musical episodes to stay. Florida should not be the new Mississippi only due to how much good music comes from and goes through the state. Chris Farren is from Naples, Chuck Ragan/Hot Water Music is from Gainesville, and the FEST is one of the best things every year in Florida. I love Florida, and I think it easily beats out at least three other states (Mississippi, Kentucky, and Arizona) for worst in the union.
  2. I work for the casting company that does Hair Jacked, so check it out for my wallet.
  3. DavidDarley

    Guest suggestions

    Tim Barry
  4. I would love to hear Tim Barry on the show.
  5. Matt Besser, I know you are a strong supporter of the SEC West Razorbacks, so I'd love to know what your thoughts are on the hate surrounding FSU and Jameis Winston. This article in particular pissed me off: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2230407-this-is-the-one-weekend-we-should-all-be-notre-dame-fans "It is not just the Winston situation driving the public to the Notre Dame side of the field; it is the College Football Playoff. We are suspicious of the Seminoles because they play in the ACC. How do they get to skate like this?" "Maybe some of that has to do with the fact FSU is still playing in the ACC, which is regarded as vastly inferior to the SEC."
  6. DavidDarley

    Episode 127 — Bug Out Bag

    As far as I can tell it was posted recently
  7. DavidDarley

    Guest suggestions

    Stephen Merchant
  8. DavidDarley

    Guest suggestions

    Dave Theune
  9. The musical guest episodes are the best things going right now in the world of podcasting. Even if someone dislikes the artist, it is fun to see what the improvisors take away from the songs.
  10. DavidDarley

    Episode 94 — Hands In The Air

    This is where I live: http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2013-08-01/story/2nd-animal-bestiality-arrest-recently-released-st-johns-sex-predator Twice! This man has been arrested for having sex with dogs.