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  1. NorthShoreBen45

    The Jackal (1997)

    This has been on Encore forever (years). Whenever I'm scrolling through the movies I see the title and think 'why have I not seen this?' and for whatever reason still to do this day never pick it.
  2. NorthShoreBen45

    Kick-Ass 2.

    First of all, I haven't seen kickass 2 yet but will within the next week or 2. But from reading some of the first few comments regarding Nicholas Cage from what I gather is that whether people like him in the movie or not (personally I think he is a dedicated, passionate and extremely hard working actor)everyone can agree on that he is in fact a major character and kills it in this role. He was one of the more memorable characters and one of the reasons on why I will return to Kick Ass 1. By the way, Kickass and the little girl do a pretty damn good job at acting for this being there first major film.
  3. NorthShoreBen45

    Wishmaster (1997)

    "Your taste is your taste, but personally I've found that if I'm going to even go down the rabbit hole of b-movies, it's best to be open minded" -- I should have given you more examples of the 'low budget' movies that I brought up. I was referring to this "Thankskilling" movie that I watched last week. It was brutal! I'm a huge, huge craven, kurtzman and Reimi and a major fan of The Wishmaster. Over the past few years I have introduced a bunch of friends to this movie and they instantly got hooked. Has anyone seen 3 or 4?
  4. NorthShoreBen45

    Wishmaster (1997)

    Lastly, this movie is produced by the one and only Wes Craven and has 4 sequels not 3 (the fourth being directed by Chris Angel). More the merrier, right?
  5. "Oh and you might want to check the archive of movies already done too incase your wish has already been fulfilled" Just make sure you are not making your "wish" to Andrew Divoff and you should be okay.
  6. Mortal Kombat Annihilation - I watched this movie in great anticipation when it first came out. I was young and naive. So bad, but definitely a funny movie to look back on. Con Air - Still haven't seen this one. I've been looking for it in DVD stores, On Demand and cannot find it anywhere. I hear its great!
  7. NorthShoreBen45

    Wishmaster (1997)

    I'm a big fan of bad movies but I do draw the line with absolute nonsensical plots, no budget and unwatchable actors (and this is in reference to Thankskilling quality movies). I love anything Steve Reimi, Kurtzman or Wes Cravin which gave me the appreciation for this movie that I really hope you guys check out -- its called "The Wishmaster" by Robert Kurtzman. You can find it Free on FEARNET on demand. Seriously, please watch this. In a nutshell - a demon from hell grants peoples wishes, but of course there is an evil (and ridiculous) catch to his generosity which is: yes the wish may be granted but only in a hurtful manner. Non-movie related example: A person would ask the Wishmaster to become famous, loved and a pleasure for everyone to see. The devil would grant the request but the twist is that the person will be turned into a painting and be showed off in a museum or something. Throughout the movie people are getting duped by this guy. Alongside "great" special effects, late 90s attire, desperate (but perfect acting) and overall a great ride, this is one movie that you do not want to miss. Luckily for us fans, there are 3 Wishmaster movies to enjoy. So far I have only seen the 1st but I am eager to catch the rest. Get some friends together and have fun watching this movie. It is a blast from the very first scene. Thank you!