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  1. I love how much fun everyone is having, just the constant laughter and giggling makes this really enjoyable to listen to
  2. I've never been more excited, can't wait to womp this up
  3. CameronMascari

    EPISODE 181 — Don't Say Nothin'

    PFT's killer gardener character was hysterical, I loved how he kept jumping back into the conversation. "I'm going to kill you... with this garden I just planted"
  4. CameronMascari

    EPISODE 342 — A Silicon Valley P-Cast

    I was surprised to hear Grandpa Marsh on this episode
  5. My favorite character! This makes me so happy, Dabney is the best!
  6. CameronMascari

    Episode X - Trouble with Boys

    Great episode, I've really like David ever since I heard him on Improv4humans. Everybody has a really good rapport with each other, really interesting episode.
  7. CameronMascari

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Time to bawl in my office
  8. CameronMascari

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    I'm not okay knowing this is the last time I am going to hear Wittels on this podcast. So upset right now, RIP Wittels.
  9. CameronMascari

    That was the best nature box commercial I have ever heard
  10. CameronMascari

    Episode 2 - Cereal

    I don't know what is happening in this episode but I like it.
  11. CameronMascari

    Episode 328 — Beatle Heaven

    I have so many podcasts to catch up on, this is like the best problem ever
  12. CameronMascari

    Episode 327 — Bang! Bang! Into Your Mouth!

    I got so much sheer joy out of this when they were singing
  13. CameronMascari

    Episode 19 — U2 Holiday Special

    It's a Christmas miracle!
  14. CameronMascari

    Episode 326 — 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    Merry Christmas to everyone at Earwolf, thanks for making my weekdays much more bearable!
  15. CameronMascari

    Episode 325 — Musical Organs

    I don't want to step out of line here but that Scott Aukerman sure is a cutie.
  16. Haha good point, I only looked him up and looked at his pictures. It was funny because Matt said something along the lines of "I bet he is a singer of a band" and almost all of the pictures he is in he is playing a guitar. But yeah, definitely don't do anything more than that. As far as the music/case closed stuff my view on it is this: Besser does a free podcast that is his creation, let him do whatever he wants with it. You have a right not to like/listen to it but it's Matt's creation and he should have the ability to do what he wants without being harassed about it. I never would have found out about David Bazan if it weren't for I4H and never would have heard of St. Vincent had I not heard her on CBB.
  17. Ferry Van Hove is going to be very confused by the end of today. Wonder who else looked him up on facebook.
  18. CameronMascari

    Episode 206 — The San Diego Mindset

    Bob Ducca, Jason Mantzoukas and Nick Kroll in an episode titled after the city I live in... It's going to be a good morning.
  19. CameronMascari

    Episode 324 — Golden Duchess Cruise Lines

    This comment section really went to hell... but... uh... Great episode!
  20. CameronMascari

    Episode 324 — Golden Duchess Cruise Lines

    Oh you silly goose, Tom Hanks is actually the son of Colin. I thought everyone knew that.
  21. CameronMascari

    Episode 318 — Lumber Hack

    Thanks Justin, I can understand where he is coming from I, I remember when that episode aired and Jay wouldn't really let the character play out. Let me know if you end up remembering the other episode.
  22. CameronMascari

    Episode 318 — Lumber Hack

    He touches on it for like a second, I am amazed that you remembered that. Thanks!
  23. CameronMascari

    Episode 318 — Lumber Hack

    What episode are you referring to? I would like to listen to it. I remember Jay not let Bessers' character develop but I never heard Matt comment on it.
  24. CameronMascari

    Episode 318 — Lumber Hack

    In honor of Matt being on, BBQ pulled Bjork
  25. CameronMascari

    Episode 316 — In the Larp Run

    Scott probably won't see this, but I was at that House of Blues show (assuming he was referring to the 2013 live Comedy Bang Bang) and it was a blast. So even if all the audience isn't great, there are people who are getting a lot out of it!