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    Episode 143 — Gameface

    Don't take this away from me Shannon, it's all I have!
  2. CameronMascari

    Episode 143 — Gameface

    Holy crap they used my youtube suggestion! I feel honored!
  3. CameronMascari

    Episode 88 — Mr. Nanny: LIVE!

    Maybe it's just me, but for me, it's just you.
  4. CameronMascari

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    There was a technicality no down boo over? When? I missed it
  5. I was really curious to know what disgusting thing they were talking about in the cheese scene with Lapkus, but her utter disgust tells me I am probably better off not knowing.
  6. CameronMascari

    Episode 298 — The Hotwives of Orlando

    Scott: "The tables not flipping, too many signatures on it."
  7. CameronMascari

    Episode 298 — The Hotwives of Orlando

    I loved the impromptu Bonobos add Scott did with Paul
  8. The scene when Jessica St. Clair is describing Mantzoukas freaking out (even though he actually wasn't) during 9-11 is one of the funniest things ever, I just love their back and forth.
  9. CameronMascari

    Episode 87.5 — Minisode 87.5

    It genuinely made my week when I heard they are going to be back to the regular schedule. Hooray!
  10. CameronMascari

    Episode 140 — Don’t Be A Dork

    When they were talking about fear of heights and being afraid of jumping off it's called "The Call of The Void" which translates from the French word L'appel du vide. Which basically means is that impulse to jump off a cliff or suddenly crash your car into something for no reason, I felt a lot more sane when I realized it was actually really common.
  11. CameronMascari

    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    "Long form is to jazz as short form is to pop" - Joshua Funk
  12. CameronMascari

    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    I'm glad it was brought up, I had never really given it much thought but I get why Besser is upset about it. Short form is easier and goes for the quick laugh, while long form is more intricate and takes more time to develop. I think it's easier for people to "get" short form as opposed to long, which is why it's more popular. Before I got into Comedy Bang Bang and I4H I didn't really understand either. And side note: I for one enjoy conversations just about as much as the skits.
  13. CameronMascari

    Episode 295 — I Turned It On For The Dog Penis

    Traci retweeted my ear photo and then Jessica Wompler got involved. I feel like I am really starting to make it in this world.
  14. CameronMascari

    Episode 295 — I Turned It On For The Dog Penis

    Technicality no down boo over, I am happy that Traci is back! And can't wait for her and Marissa to one day Womp it up.
  15. CameronMascari

    Episode 294 — Honk Shoo

    Scottt's ears were correct, there was a non-break break I know because I was about to skip the commercials listen to the amazing ads and it went right back to the show.
  16. CameronMascari

    Episode 294 — Honk Shoo

    It's not delivery, it's not digiorno. It's home made.
  17. CameronMascari

    Episode 294 — Honk Shoo

    They talked about it before, I think the last time St. Clair and Lennon were on (not counting the anniversary.) Wompler walked in on Seth jackin it to a picture of himself so she got a check from him as a sort of blackmail, she still hasn't cashed the check.
  18. CameronMascari

    Episode 138 — Old Boots

    To be fair it was just off the cuff, when you are on air that often you are bound to say something inflammatory, I wouldn't take any offense to it, I really doubt Matt was trying to be malicious towards the heavier ladies.
  19. CameronMascari

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    I wish I knew how to embed these but this is a great one, dude is super pretentious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FiNRQa7hts
  20. CameronMascari

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Haha that was crazy!
  21. CameronMascari

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Woah. Dude I posted this an hour or so before you, great minds my friend.
  22. CameronMascari

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    This is one of my favorite videos of all time.
  23. CameronMascari

    Episode 136 — Hallelujah the Hills

    Hey Matt, this is my buddies band in San Diego if you wanna check out some of the younger stuff and have a few mins to kill. They are called Spero
  24. CameronMascari

    Episode 290 — Shed Busting

    I love the occasional episode like this that is different and real and insightful. Nice to hear James talk about his personal life, kind of giving you a look behind the curtain and Todd was great as always.