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    Episode 136 — Hallelujah the Hills

    I've come across a lot of great music because of the podcasts I listen to, yeah I don't always sync with the music but if podcasts never had musicians on I never would have become a fan of St. Vincent or Langhorne Slim or numerous other bands. People just like to complain, like really you're going to create an account for one comment just so you can bitch about something on a FREE podcast? I don't understand people like that.
  2. CameronMascari

    Episode 136 — Hallelujah the Hills

    On all podcasts I never really know beforehand if I am going to enjoy having a band on the show, that said, there hasn't been one band on I4h that I haven't really enjoyed and I'm not just blowing smoke. I just started the episode and really liked the first song, exciting stuff.
  3. CameronMascari

    Episode 288 — Back to Barz, Back to Reality

    Holy crap people are negative. Sorry this 1 of nearly 300 episodes didn't tickle your fancy, you should definitely complain about it on the boards and DEMAND a refund.
  4. CameronMascari

    Episode 135 — Ute of the Butte

    At 28:34 when they are talking about car crashes Lennon says: "I got rear ended pretty hard" and then starts giggling, no one really commented on it. I don't know why but I found that so funny but if you weren't listening for a second you could have totally missed it.
  5. CameronMascari

    Episode 135 — Ute of the Butte

    Jessica: "Jason called me, saying "I got to get out of here!" Jason: "That literally never happened."
  6. CameronMascari

    Episode 135 — Ute of the Butte

    Yes!!! I am so excited
  7. CameronMascari

    Episode 287 — Stinky Chips

    So this episode was done on February 16, 2014. The cat is out of the bag Aukerman!
  8. CameronMascari

    Episode 134 — Hubba Bubba Worthy

    Great episode! Such great chemistry with everyone involved. Nothing to do with this episode but if I ever meet Besser I am going to offer him a pulled Bjork sandwich.
  9. CameronMascari

    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

    Nice solo bolo. I always like the occasional different format of CBB, it's fun to hear Scott do something a little out there.
  10. CameronMascari

    Episode 284 — A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour

    Off topic but this made me happy #foamcorner
  11. CameronMascari

    Episode 132 — Buttholes at the Reststop

    Great episode. Don't really have much else to say, just wanted to show off my new avatar.
  12. CameronMascari

    Episode 283 — The 5th Anniversary Show!

    I was upset that St. Clair and Parham left and then I hear Besser as a 12 year old and lose it. So hilarious.
  13. So many good episodes. You spoil us Matt.
  14. CameronMascari

    Episode 130 — 4/20 Special

    Just what I need, been real stressed out and this kind of stuff gets me through the week. You guys rock!
  15. CameronMascari

    Episode 282 — Wompster's University

    It took a little bit but once this episode really hit it's stride it was hilarious. I love St. Clair and Parham, hilarious human beings, I really hope their show is successful!
  16. CameronMascari

    Episode 127 — Bug Out Bag

    Gil sounds like a mixture of Brian Huskey and Horatio Sanz
  17. CameronMascari

    Episode 279 — Reverse April Fools

    I am always wary of new guest because I like the familiar but Will Hines was great. Really enjoyed his character.
  18. CameronMascari

    Episode 84 — No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    I'm not sure about the eyebrow but the actor is actually blind in his right eye.
  19. CameronMascari

    Episode 84 — No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    It is not Peter Dinklage, unless I missed something. I thought it might be but I looked all over the place and didn't see anything. In fact Dinklage didn't have any roles until 1995, 6 years later. Also doesn't seem like a role he would take, he has said he wouldn't take a role just to be a little person. I could be wrong but I am 99% sure that isn't him.
  20. CameronMascari

    Episode 4 — Rattle and Hum

    Adam Scott: "No offense, but you're being a c*nt." Hilarious.
  21. CameronMascari

    Episode 30 — Toast Points

    "It works on anyone who has been persecuted" Scott: "yeah... I'm white..."
  22. CameronMascari

    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    I love Andy accidentally slipping into The Irish Limericks character throughout the episode.
  23. CameronMascari

    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    Maybe it's just me, but for me, the silly banter in the begging of the show is always some of my favorite stuff.
  24. CameronMascari

    Episode 83 — Winter's Tale

    Daly and Mantzoukas are a winning combination no matter the format.
  25. CameronMascari

    Episode 273 — Vape Cod

    I am laughing way too hard about animals being killed on sets.