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  1. Not to be a buzzkill buuut with Paget's episode and now this, as a biologist I feel a bit ticked about how uninformed a lot of them are about GMOs. By no means am I point fingers at them; GMO technology is very new and rapidly advancing, at a rate that is unfortunately surpassing the rate of which its understanding is relayed to the general public. GMOs are just as healthy and environmentally-friendly as (and arguably better than) organic products.


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  2. I really liked Stars' appearance. I think they did a great job interacting with the comedy guests without getting too much in their way. But from the way Amy was being snippy, at times, to Scott and Claudia, to her unwillingness to jump into certain bits, I felt like she wasn't as in the mood for comedy as Torquil was that day. In fact, I found Torquil funny enough that if I weren't told he was a musical guest, I would have assumed he was a new comedic guest. He was yes-and-ing like a pro.


    But yeah, I definitely felt some weird tension early on in the podcast.

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  3. Sorry guys. As a big fan of thriller movies, I need to defend not just The Purge, but also the whole genre. Those movies play on your fear and uneasiness of the premise, not your fantasies of violence. That's like saying you watch Cinderella because you want to be an evil stepmother. Thriller filmmakers generally set out to make their audiences identify with the protagonist. A good thriller also has some sort of commentary on society or the human condition, not mindless violence. Geek rant over, love you guys.

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