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    Episode 165 — Doug Digs It!

    I have to admit that it never occured to me that Charlie Bucket's mom might have strapped down the grandpas and grandmas under that blanket so they couldn't move. Kind of a dark interpretation of that movie, How.
  2. KyleMahan

    Episode 138 — Best of 2013 Pt 2

    Yeah, that's a bummer #TeamKyle
  3. KyleMahan

    Episode 178 — Treat Your Ass Like Your Throat

    Will Sasso looks hella thin (though like Jeff Garlin, still rocking a gigantic head)
  4. KyleMahan

    Episode 133 — Goals

    I love how chill this episode is. Also loved that Kyle slipped in the "tandem bicycle to Las Vegas" reference
  5. KyleMahan

    Episode 260 — Tiny Cheeseburger Story

    As Jack Sjunior would list them: episode 256, 32, and episode 260.
  6. KyleMahan

    Episode 157 — Mumble Pie

    LOVE them. Hadn't seen this video before, thanks @mwn!
  7. KyleMahan

    Episode 259 — Charlotte's Website

    This is amazing, right up there with "Kristen Schaal is a Horse". Who knew there were so many verses to the kit-kat song?
  8. KyleMahan

    Episode 131 — Animal IQ

    Every time I think I'm over "oooor HER", Tig comes up with a new amazing one. Heep!
  9. KyleMahan

    Episode 75 — Daredevil

    Can we talk about how much the thing on Colin Farrel's head looks like a bio-port from Existenz? (spoiler alert if you haven't seen Existenz: the bio-ports are a constant source of not-so-subtle buttsex jokes)
  10. KyleMahan

    Episode 152.5 — 11/01/13 TWO CHARTED 91

    Come on guys, Scott was on an episode of Wait Wait Don't Shoot Me!
  11. KyleMahan

    Episode 127 — Luck

    "I feel different. I think I ... cummed?" - Todd.0
  12. I love in Matt's A&M story when the guy pushes him and he says "What am I going to do? So at first I take the high ground..." and I think he means that he decides to be the bigger man and let it go, but NO he means "walk up a couple steps so I can yell jokes down at everyone". Ahahaha!
  13. I really want it to be true that "Drama of the Gifted Child" was originally titled "Drama of the Narcissistic Child", but as far as I can tell from light Googling, Sarah seems to be the primary source for every mention of it.
  14. KyleMahan

    Episode 102 — Satan's Face

    Ha, they give Aaron a hard time for drinking milk (and eating twix) on Professor Blastoff ... always funny. As a lactose intolerant, I'm glad the milk-drinkers are being taken down a peg! I have adult relatives that will sit down and drink a glass of milk with dinner, it is seriously disgusting.
  15. KyleMahan

    Episode 124 — Big Questions

    The Amy Schumer interview was my favorite episode of Drunk History ever. "This isn't going to pick up the crunching right? Just my voice? Ok great"
  16. I get most of the video game references (not proud of that...), but I still don't know what the hell "pawn all my limbs to afford an 18 hour car ride" means
  17. KyleMahan

    Episode 121 — Live from Montreal / The Internet

    seriously, what Reddit is he reading? or maybe that was just pandering...
  18. KyleMahan

    Episode 120 — Live from Portland / Law

    Ouf! Just want to join in condemning that audience...The guys (and girl) were way too nice to them!
  19. Ok that makes a lot more sense ... I thought it was a subtle dig on Baron Vaughn. UPDATE: Having listened to some more By the Ways, I get it now
  20. KyleMahan

    What is your top song of the day?!

    Always fascinated by these combinations, This one really works -- You have a talent!
  21. KyleMahan

    Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)

    I watched this for the first time last week!! Totally bananas, I would LOVE to hear a HDTGM about it. So I think on Doug Loves Movies, they were discussing how Johnny Depp won't do a movie without a tremendous amount of eye makeup anymore, and I'm watching Once upon a time in Mexico like "Well geez guys he doesn't have any eye makeup in this movie" ... and then I got to the end