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    Was confused when Matt said that Morgan Freeman is the anti-creep, then realized this was recorded a month before we learned otherwise.
  2. Congrats on the winner, Doc Jock!
  3. Mogwai sounded pretty fab. Was Brett behind the production values, as usual?
  4. Thought this was going to be called "My Dinner With Armen" but like this title too. SupArmen, giggles.
  5. The end of this episode is fantastic. I'm a sucker for transformations, like Tom Leykus' breakdown, or when everyone on CBB turned into Bob Ducca.
  6. https://twitter.com/...862173780283392
  7. I'm 100% in Andy's corner with Winnie the Pooh being great when it's no-stakes. Though in the early 00s, with Tigger Movie and Piglet's Big Movie, Disney thought it'd be wise to add stakes in. So here, they made my toddler cry as they kill Piglet & Pooh for 30 seconds. (1:25 in) https://youtu.be/8KZ1xG4nRXg?t=1m21s The newer Winnie the Pooh movie goes back to not pretending the characters died.
  8. poorpete

    Episode 7 - FDR is the Santa Claus of America

    Oooh, hit the comedy / political / history trifecta. Mini Rock FTW!
  9. "Shit Greece" had me laughing in public. Shoo-in for next best of.
  10. Though there's a visual element, I think the audio is where the cruelty shows
  11. Ba Ba Black "Sheep." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBEHFFnV3RY
  12. The protest you saw was probably the Rally to Improve Birth http://rallytoimprovebirth.com
  13. poorpete

    VPN with Zach Woods

    Great, I've watched so many Improv4humans videos, YouTube's ads now think I'm a single atheist.
  14. poorpete

    Episode 105 — Zombie Lisp

    I know Matt has had on a previous bully-expert, but since this keeps coming up, I'd recommend trying to get Emily Bazelon of Slate's Political Gabfest podcast and author of 'Sticks and Stones," a best-selling book on bullying. http://emilybazelon.com/books/sticks-and-stones/
  15. poorpete

    Episode 104 — A Hotel Tell

    The Harry Potter auditions got me wanting an Improv4Humans British Accents compilation, all are fantastic... Poptopi, Royal Baby Names, Cuisinart, "Oh Golly" auditions. There are a few more I'm forgetting.
  16. Listening to Best of 2 right now. Poe's ghost is in it, but the rest on the list are newer. Is it too late to nominate "I Pet a Tiger"? If so, looking forward to hearing it in volume 4.
  17. My three favs, which Sly Sanders' thankfully already noted: Episode 51: ~59:25 Edgar Allan Poe's Ghost Episode 70: ~24:14 I wanna eat, God-Dammit (Sausage Focus Group) Episode 78: ~29:40 George Lucas, Welcome to Heaven*